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Made For 17


Good afternoon; it’s a quick check in today before I go get the teenager.

I currently have three, knitting WIP’s right now. One of them which you may have forgotten about is a requested, brimmed hat that has been in the works and through some turnovers since last year.

First Time

It was supposed to be a Camden Cap. Frogged! I didn’t like the brim insert construction and I was originally knitting with a cotton yarn that I hated working with.

Second Time

I blogged about it here. I then found the Newsy Cabled Cap in Ravelry’s database and liked its construction of the band and brim. But, yes there is a but, the pattern (free) has you close up the top of the cabled tube like a drawstring bag. Unfortunately, there’s 100 stitches to close up and after trying it there still was a ghetto hole on top.

I did try to figure out if I could decrease further so there’d be less stitches to close up. I did some math and thought I found a solution. When I was about to execute the plan, I realized that the decrease sequence would make the hat slouchy on top like a slouchy beanie. Frog!

Hopefully Third Time’s the Charm

After putting that hat in time out, I then had the idea to combine both patterns:

  1. Make the body and the crown of Camden Cap.
  2. Crochet the band and brim of Newsy Cabled Cap.

I started the body of the hat which was mostly purl stitches and didn’t like having to do all that purling so I looked around the project gallery of Camden Cap. Someone had knitted the body and had slipped the defining stitches. I switched to this and that’s what’s shown in the photo.

Next will be part two, the crocheted parts. Cross your fingers for me, pls, that I will like the end results. I want to be done with this request. Luckily my friend has been easygoing about the bumps in the road and is in no rush to have it. But you know me, my perfectionist self doesn’t like owing something for so long.

GTG. Have a good Hump Day and TTYS.

4 thoughts on “Made For 17”

  1. Fingers crossed this works. I love the brim of the Newsy cap too. I can not imagine trying to close up 100 stitches! How crazy is that? Even if you added a button to the top of that closure it would be a gigantic button!


  2. Oh I love the cap! Hats always look wrong on my but I love them and that one is so pretty!

    We were actually planning on going to Disneyland this year but the more I ran the numbers the less into the idea I was. We were losing so much money to flying and renting a car that could be spent on fun splurges that I couldn’t pass up another Disney World trip. One day I’ll visit Disneyland though!


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