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It’s Monday! What are you reading?

I’m linking up with It’s Monday! What are you reading? hosted by Kathryn of The Book Date later on today. Kathryn took over this weekly, Monday meme from Shelia of Book Journey who had taken it over from J Kayne Book Blog. This meme is not just about adult books either. If you read picture and chapter books, juvenile fiction, or even YA, they count as well. Jen Vincent of Teach Mentor Texts and Kellee of Unleashing Readers give this Monday, book post link up a kid-focus.

The Dillio

Good morning. How was your weekend; what’s a highlight from your weekend?

For our crew, it was nothing extraordinary – just TV, LOL. Saturday afternoon the teen and I started watching the second generation of Queer Eye and saw some touching episodes. Then at night the four of us viewed Aquaman. I’m a DC girl and boy that man is fine.

Sunday, I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Nestle Tollhouse’s recipe is my go-to. I have some other recipes pinned but sometimes you need special ingredients that I’m not in the mood to run out and get. Do you have a go-to, cookie recipe you use when you’re in the mood to bake something comforting and quickly?

“I can take a book in my hands and voyage across the world. China, Burma, Jamaica—the very sound of the words is an enchantment bringing me sights and sounds, and odors that my senses have never savored.”
― D.E. Stevenson, The Young Clementina

Scandal Wears Satin (The Dressmakers, #2) by Loretta Chase

Kindle version

I was in the mood for another genre and while perusing what was available on Overdrive and my library wish list, I decided to go back to The Dressmakers series. I had read the first book a little over a year ago and liked it because the female lead was different, fiery, and I was enjoyed reading about dress design and making.

I was entertained by this second installment. I liked how smart Sophy was and how the cogs of her mind were always turning. She was good at disguises and schemes. I loved the chemistry between her and the Earl of Longmore. Their conversational banter made me LOL and I couldn’t get enough of their witty exchanges. I also loved how the book ended. Four stars.

Some Enchanted Eclair (A Magical Bakery Mystery #4) by Bailey Cates

Audiobook version

I’ve been on a roll with this series in their audio form. I finally caught on how the inspiration for their titles are created although I feel the featured pastry is just a background part of the plot. I liked how there were a few, interesting developments in the magical department and in her relationship. The mystery itself was okay, having a weak link to their magical world but moving the characters forward to the next book. Three stars.

Stats of Challenges
  1. 2019 Goodreads Reading Challenge: 19/65
  2. 2019 Audiobook Challenge: 3/[1-5]
  3. 2019 Library Love Challenge: 13/65

I hope Monday’s going well for you so far. Eleven, freakin days til spring break on my end. Anywho, happy reading to you. Sigh, back to the grind. TTYS.

15 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What are you reading?”

  1. We watched Aquaman last weekend…he is such an awesome swimmer! Heeheehee! No highs this weekend…just some much needed normal…I wanted to rent Bumblebee but we got content just reading and catching up on DVR stuff!


  2. Nice looking bunch of books. The Dressmakers series sound like something I would enjoy. Come see my week here. Happy reading!


  3. We too watched Aquaman over the weekend.. it started out alright but the second half had us all laughing and the over the top bizzarity (it should be a word) of it all.. I mean they even had dinosaurs!

    I want to see Shazam next.
    Counting down to spring break. 🙂



  4. I haven’t read that particular series by Loretta Chase, but I have enjoyed some of her books and found them witty and the heroine who can stand up for herself.


    1. These sisters of The Dressmakers series endeared themselves to me. There is one more book in it that I need to pick up from the library. It’s on the SIL of the sister in the second book. I’ll be excited to read it.

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  5. AQUAMAN!!!!! YAAASSS! And indeed, that man is just… *sigh*.

    Chocolate chip cookies are awesome. Now I want some! I often forget certain recipes for months on end and then I’ll think of it again and suddenly NEED it. 🙂 I love cinnamon bun rolls done in the slow cooker – I think I got the recipe from Sally’s Bake Blog. Sooo good.

    Hope you are having a good week! I’m going to try catch up properly on here soon.

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  6. I’ve not watched Aquaman yet but agree that he’s easy on the eyes 🙂
    My go-to cookie recipe is white chocolate macadamia nut cookies. I always have the ingredients on hand to bake a batch whenever the mood strikes.
    Loretta Chase writes wonderfully witty dialogue. Her books are always a favorite when I’m in the mood for Historical Romances.


  7. I can’t wait to watch Aquaman – all because of Jason Momoa. I totally agree about him. Lol.

    And a chocolate chip cookie sounds fabulous right now! I don’t bake very much, I am not that great at it. 😦 I make really good soup though. Lol.


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