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22 Knit for Me

Good morning and *waves* hello to the new followers. It is mostly overcast here with some wind. The weather has been somewhat weird lately which has been disrupting my sleep. Today I have a sinus headache that Aleve mostly took care of but I still feel the pressure.

The girls and I almost forgot about garbage day! I heard the first truck and we ran out pushing the bins to the curb. The guy was nice and had slowed down so I could tidy up the position of the bins. Oh boy, I blame it on the weather.

I haven’t worked on this WIP lately but I made some progress two weeks ago when I took my teenager and her friend out for froyo on a Friday:

I am halfway through the eight, intended stripes of Vault 713. I have 233 stitches on the needle. As you can tell, I decided to stick to the pattern.

I felt drawn to the radiating lines of Stephen West’s design and wanted them to carry through the shawl.

I plan to give this WIP some attention today, making me happy as I’ve missed it. What has been grabbing your attention lately?

Okie doke. I am off to heat up some of my mama’s jai (basically known as monk food) and then knit while I listen to Spells and Scones before pick up. Have a good Thursday and thanks for poppin in. TTYS.

17 thoughts on “22 Knit for Me”

  1. That’s really pretty! I would be missing it too. What design is it? I probably missed your blog post when you first started it since I’m so far behind.

    Thursdays are our garbage day too 😀 And they come pretty darned early here so I have to get them out on Wednesday night. It’s hard to forget though because I have a neighbor who likes to put their bins out on Wednesday morning for some reason.

    I’m working on a crocheted baby blanket right now and haven’t touched my socks. I haven’t gotten a minute of free time to sit down and concentrate on knocking out the heels. Hopefully soon!


  2. The colorway of that yarn is so pretty. And I really like the tan (or kahki, or whatever that neutral) color you’re adding now.


  3. beautiful shawl!!! I guess I’m catching up on blogs, I need to make an apple crumble for dessert because people are coming for dessert today. I hope to get some ‘me’ time this afternoon, fingers crossed!!


  4. The shawl is lovely but all of your knitting things are…the baby booties are so sweet! I know what you mean about trash trucks…ours come so early we have to put them out the night before. Plus everyone on our street seems to have a different trash company!


    1. My mum likes to color as a hobby among reading and some sewing and crochet. I was tempted to get a coloring book but didn’t b/c of my three crafts.


    1. Thanks but I can’t take credit. The owner of Forbidden Fiber Co helped me choose Slytherin House and the two, Ravenclaw House versions. I already had Vault 713 in my stash from 2018.


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