Nom, NtotheL, Spring Break

Spring Break

“It doesn’t matter where you’re going, it’s who you have beside you.” — Unknown

Ah, spring break, how we miss you so. Ours had started on Good Friday.

4/19, Friday

Our crew tidied up around the house as we were hosting a family potluck get-together the next afternoon.

4/20, Saturday


Since the potluck was at our house, I was in charge of the main dish. I wanted something easy and something I could just throw in the oven and forget for a while. Dave Liberman’s Memphis Dry Rub Ribs it was. BTW, I swear by this recipe although I cook it a little differently as I always use the Costco three-pack of baby back ribs:

  • heat up the oven to 350°; when it’s ready, turn it down to 300
  • two racks on one, foiled sheet pan + one rack on another
  • single rack on bottom oven rack; double racks on middle oven rack
  • bake for one and a half hours
  • take both pans out and cover each with foil
  • double racks on bottom, single rack in middle
  • bake for another one and a half hours
  • when done, take out and take off foil + let sit for at least 15 minutes
  • use tongs and kitchen shears to cut apart racks

The meat will fall off the bones; I will guarantee it.

What dish is your go-to at a potluck?


In deciding that ribs would be the main dish, everything else was planned around it. I also made potato salad. I loosely based mine upon Love Bakes Good Cakes Old-Fashioned Potato Salad.

  • potatoes (5 lb bag of organic russets in different sizes from TJ’s)
  • the mayonnaise (I was lucky to have enough in the jar!)
  • the salt ‘n pepper
Did Differently
  • just a tablespoon of vinegar – I personally do not like my potato salad tangy which is why I don’t like store-bought ones.
  • didn’t have the mustard in stock
  • didn’t use celery
  • I put in two shallots instead of the white onion
  • I put in 10 hard-boiled eggs instead (Instant Pot)
  • sliced, black olives
  • green onions

Ice Cream

The last pic you see is my dad who loves his ice cream. We had three kinds from Whole Foods – Mint Chocolate Chip, Chocolate, & Rocky Road.

Me: Daddy, which do you want? One of each?

My dad: Yeah, one of each.

What’s your favorite kind of ice cream?

4/21, Sunday

I was probably knitting this day while the girls played with the neighbor across the street. They dyed Easter eggs and made slime.

4/22, Monday

The youngest wanted boba so I took them to iTea, a place with a good variety of drinks to choose from. She used to not like boba drinks until she tried out this place with our neighbor and her kids last year.

Both of my daughters got fruit tea bobas with lychee jelly in them. I tried a milk tea. Look how big that thing is! I counted it as a 24 oz tea drink on my water app, knocking out most of my daily quota that day. *fist pump*

Do you boba?

For dinner, the three of us usually do take out when their dad is away. Chipotle was what they had wanted. We started watching this series on Netflix, Our Planet, inspired by the teen having watched some of it in her Living Earth class. OMGosh, one segment about walruses and this rocky mountain was shocking.

4/23, Tuesday

I still kept to my daily workout schedule which was just pushed back since the kids and I were waking up later.

I took the teenager out to get a new racket for her recently started, private lessons. Instead of buying a cheap one from a chain store, she ended up with a more professional one from a local tennis store where some of its customers are many of her teammates.

I attempted jook (rice porridge) for the first time in our Instant Pot, following my mum’s usual recipe of one cup rice: six cups water with an immersed, smoked turkey drumstick. Note: we used to use ham hocks but one time she couldn’t find it at Lucky so she tried the turkey leg. When I got to taste it, I told her there was so much more flavor! So now the gobble-gobble is her go-to.

I used the rice porridge button and found I had to cook the porridge longer a few times. I think I would put in five cups of water next time. I used six, skinny, smoked turkey legs that I had found at Safeway which is closer to me than Lucky. The meat fell off the bone and I used kitchen shears to cut it all up. I got the thumbs up from the tween who wants more.

Later on in the evening the three of us watched two of the Bring It On movies. The first one was good as usual. The second one was the last one in its series; it was silly and over-the-top.

4/24, Wednesday

This day the dames and I headed over to the teenager’s friend’s house around the hill. There we spent time with the kittens. C’s friend, B, had a cat come hang out in her patio some time ago; it was probably abandoned when a neighbor moved. B and her family started feeding it and realized it was pregnant. Five kittens were born 25 days ago.

These two shown here are the ones my daughters will be bringing home in about three weeks. On the left is Mortimer. It’s the runt of the litter and has long legs. At one point, the teen was sitting criss-cross-applesauce and this kitten wiggled its way under her legs and just hung out. It was so cute because it leaned against her while she stroked it. Yes, it has blue eyes.

The other kitten is the smaller of the two, black and whites. The tween had fun petting it. During one period it was on its back while J tickled its belly. My daughter wanted to bring it home right then and there but I told her she has to be patient as they’re still nursing, are slowly eating soft food, and need that socialization with the other siblings.

Afterwards I took my kids and B to a brunch place in the neighborhood and that was pretty much it for the rest of the day. We are still binging on Queer Eye.

4/25, Thursday

The youngest wanted crepes. There is a place in the town next to us that we go to now and then. They have a wall of encased, comic figurines and there are games to play. The ingredients are fresh as well. I knitted while the two competed against one another. One game that made them LOL was Pop-Up Pirate because when the right sword is removed the pirate springs up at you!

Have you ever had dessert crepes like these?

Afterwards I took them to our local, used bookstore. The tween wasn’t too happy about that since she’s picky about what she reads; she parked herself in a chair and read the book she had brought along – she’s currently rereading the whole Percy Jackson series and Heroes of Olympus. This mama looked for books for her; I knew she loved Percy Jackson so I looked for the side books she didn’t have. I found two of them and two books of the Apollo series to add to her home collection.

4/26, Friday

I gave myself a day off from working out and drove the teen and her two friends to a big, thrift store that’s at least eight miles away. They shopped for about two and a quarter hours. Once the teenagers were done I took them out to ice cream at a place none of us had tried before. After that I let them chat for a half an hour at the park across the street before ending the excursion.

Well, that’s pretty much it for our spring break. I spent all that weekend relaxing and knitting. Have a good Tuesday, thanks for droppin by today, and TTYS.

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    1. My daughters yearn for their kittens every day. The runt gets picked on some by its siblings and is running away fast. The black and white loves to climb. Ten more days!


      1. Stefanie…I don’t want to tell you what to do but the experts say start them off with wet food…or at least half wet in a bowl along with a bowl of tiny dry kibble…wet is so much better for them…when they are a year old you can start brushing their teeth…heeheehee…don’t yell at me! Wet is better for their tiny kitty tummies! Do you have litter boxes?

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      2. Yes, C’s friend started them off on wet food; I’ll check in to see if they started on hard yet. No litter boxes yet but each kitten will have its own in this house for sure. I checked out all of these books on kittens; I need to pick them up.


      3. Well, each daughter will have to have one in her room. Their bathroom has this too-big of a vanity in there right now so they wouldn’t fit in there.


  1. What a marvelous spring break for you and the girls. This kittens will be a way to remember this special spring break for years to come. Your recipes sound delish. Not to mention all the foody places you went to also. Never heard of boba before. Will be looking that one up. Sounds quite refreshing. My Grand loved the Percy Jackson series as well as the Apollo. She lives to read fantasy books. It all started with HP several years ago. Have a good week.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. Yeah, Percy Jackson rocks. I’m a big fan of Greek mythology so that’s why I really enjoyed the series. Plus the humor in it is funny. Boba is basically little balls of gelatin. The drink is sweetened by sugar and there are milk teas or fruit teas or even smoothies. Then there are extras like lychee jelly or sweet, red beans.


  2. Well now I want boba, ribs and crepes! And to play with kittens! This looks you guys had a wonderful spring break!

    PS Sorry to hear your kids have awhile to go before summer starts! We get out really early here but go back at the very beginning of August so it all kind of works out I guess.


    1. Thanks! Wow, school starting beginning of August. That is somethin different but yeah, school is always 180 days so that doesn’t change.


    1. Thanks, Paula. Yeah, that’s Mortimer. He’s a scrappy one and can run away fast. I told the teenager he’ll be very happy here as he’ll be spoiled.


  3. Your spring break sounds like it was terrific. Time spent with your girls, doing fun stuff, eating great food. Those crepes and ice cream look amazing. And the kittens you’ll be bringing home soon are adorable. Fun times ahead!


    1. Thanks. I tried to have some fun elements each day so they could say they did this and that as many go away for spring break.


  4. Can’t get any better than cute kittens, delicious food (thanks for the ribs recipe!), books, knitting & especially time spent with your ladies! Spring break for us was all about chilling out, lots of nature walks & food (the kid is going through a growth spurt & is eating pretty much 24 hours a day)

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    1. Yeah, I guess it would be called staycation? My kids eat like adults now. They and their dad fight over the ice cream supply in the freezer.


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