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23 Knit for Me

Afternoon. How’re you this Thursday? I can’t believe it’s almost the weekend; this week flew by fast for me. I have Safety Patrol in the morning which pushes back my workout and then I’ve been running out to buy groceries for dinner afterwards – the husband requested pizzas for tonight (last night was TJ’s frozen Seafood Paella & Mushroom Risotto); everything else is fit in the gaps. And guess what? The kittens are six weeks old today so two more weeks until they can come home with the teen and tween!

So I have shawl progress to show you. The last time you saw my Purlbreak I was halfway through the Vault 713 (whitish-grey & gold) stripes. Now I’m halfway through House of Ravenclaw’s stripes!

And there is now 362 stitches on this circular, having added 129 more stitches. I still have one more color to stripe with. With this many stitches on the needle I feel knitting just two rows takes a long time, but I’m hanging in there.

I had started with House of Ravenclaw II (movie version + blue & silver) after Vault 713 but I ripped it out and used House of Ravenclaw instead because of the goldish-bronze in it to flow with Vault 713’s gold.

I’ve pretty much caught up on Blogspot and Typepad blogs as of Monday/Tuesday and am now working on WordPress ones. Thanks for poppin by today. Have a good Thursday and TTYS.

12 thoughts on “23 Knit for Me”

  1. Your Purlbreak is looking good Stef and I love the choice and colours of yarn you are using for it. It’s good to catch up with you again, I for some reason thought I was already following your blog when I started my new blog but obviously not and this is something I’ve rectified, now I just need to catch up!


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