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Cross Stitch I

Good afternoon. How’s your Thursday been? I drove up to the city for a dental appointment; traffic was average. The parking gods were kind to me as I was lucky and had found a metered, parking spot within ten minutes; there was already 37 minutes on the meter! I had $2 in change, emptying that into the machine as I wanted to max out the two hour limit (had used the CC too as I was 40 minutes early and didn’t know if they were running on time or late). Would you believe it costs $2.75 for an hour in SF? How much is an hour in your city’s parking meter?

I got back to town around 2pm. I ran to Michael’s to try to find a brownie box as it’s teacher appreciation week. In truth, we may be running late on our gift. I debated on whether or not to hunt for smoked, turkey legs at Safeway but decided against it as I didn’t have a cooler bag. So I just parked where I usually wait for the teen and her friend(s) and treated myself to reading.

Alrighty, as you can see I’m starting another series here on SCWWPF: Cross Stitch. I at first tried to make a gif via Word, using an image from Bing, but the final result was too light and may have been hard for you to see. Therefore, I decided to use my project bag for needlework (something I purchased earlier this year but didn’t use until now), made by the bubbly and funny, Joanna of Stitching the High Notes. She’s an opera singer, knitter, sewist, and cross stitcher in the Bay Area. I hope to meet her one day.

Have you heard of Cloudsfactory? It’s a site of contemporary cross stitch. Many a knitter has made the Harry Potter – Giant Version.

Because the tween is in her last, contained classroom, and because her teacher is a Harry Potter fan (a sorted Ravenclaw), I wanted to cross stitch her a Harry Potter pattern. In the past I had looked around on Etsy and on Cloudsfactory. I ended up choosing Marauder’s Map because Fred and George were so fun in the books.

So’s here’s part of Harry. My order of stitching:

  • face (was done in one sitting last weekend)
  • eyes
  • hair
  • collar
  • clothes

I haven’t cross stitched for years, so many I can’t even remember my last piece. I didn’t want to make knots to start and end each section of cross stitch so I tried two, starting techniques I found on Pinterest:

  1. hide the tail
  2. the loop method.

To hide the tail, I take my needle and go downwards from the top through the Aida fabric so the tail ends stick up like a worm in dirt. Then I start cross stitching the section. I make sure the tail lays flat and straight up vertically in one of the fabric’s columns. The section I’m working on may have three to four rows and so during each row I make an X over the tail to anchor and to hide it.

However, because I was only using two, embroidery floss threads, I switched to the loop method. With this method, I cut the embroidery floss 2x the length of my forearm, separate one thread from the bunch, and then fold that one thread in half. I bring the needle up from the bottom of the fabric to start a stitch and leave a small loop hanging. When I bring the needle down through the fabric to make half the “x,” I bring the needle through the loop and pull snugly.

When I need to end a section, I weave the tail in and out of stitches on the back for a bit and then cut the excess off.

My goal is to have this pattern done by June. It will be framed and be the main, end-of-the-year gift for J’s teacher. I hope she likes it and will display it in her classroom next year with her few, other Harry Potter items.

Okay, I must check on dinner. Thank you for poppin your head in. TTYS.

15 thoughts on “Cross Stitch I”

    1. Thank you, Kathryn. It was busy week so participating in the teacher appreciation kind of went out the door. However, I plan to make up for it Monday for her teacher.

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    1. Your slideshow was wonderful! You stitched so many pieces. Thank you for sharing. Maybe in the future I’d like a copy of that Father Christmas pattern.


  1. Hi Stefanie :)) I LOVE that cross-stitch! Gosh…I used to do that a long time ago, wasn’t it called needle-point back in the day??? That’s one hobby I’d love to get my hands on so to speak 🙂 I can imagine all of the pretty things that I could do, making up patterns. So much fun! One thing I love about living in the mountains, NO PARKING FEES….even when I head to the nearest towns to shop or go to the doctor/dentist. I don’t miss that ridiculous expense!!! 🙂 Hope all is well dentally. 😀


    1. I’m not sure but yeah, the word – needlepoint – can refer to any kind of needle work. Yay for no mountain fees. We don’t have meters here in this east bay town where we are now. As for dentally, well, still on the road of building up bone which means more surgery :O( but I’m in good hands.


  2. Parking meters……nope, don’t have any here in our town. I don’t think that cross stitch will take you too long to do. I always liked the loop method for my cross stitch. Seemed so much neater.


    1. Wow! No parking meters? You are lucky. But now that I think of it, we have none here here I live now. My hometown is full of them and it’s a must to check the street signs for when street cleaning is. Yes, less bumps to deal with and then I’d just have the back for weaving in ends.


  3. I got into cross stitch years ago and passed the passion to my daughters. I am quite passionate about knitting now. Your cross stitch is coming out beautifully. I look forward to seeing the finish xx

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  4. What a pretty cross stitch project and one I’m sure won’t take you too long. I generally use the loop method to start off all my pieces.
    In our town we don’t have parking meters but in the bigger town we do, on the street it’s generally €1 for an hour but the car park at the shopping centre is €1 for 3 hours and it’s near enough to park there and walk.


  5. Hi Stefanie!
    Looking good so far! I haven’t cross-stitched before but it was still fun to read about your progress 🙂 I’m curious to see the final product!


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