Kittens, Mortimer and Minerva

Mortimer & Minerva 1

Good morning. I tried to get this post out yesterday but then it got too busy.

The day finally came. The week was spent preparing for our two, new family members – Mortimer (right) & Minerva (left). They look a little scroungy since I gave each one a tearless shampoo and rub since they were outside at the teen’s friend’s house for a few weeks.

After school the three of us had waited for B to text the teen to let us know she was home. There was a bit of traffic getting to her house in the district behind us but thankfully it had stopped raining.

Look how big these kittens got. Back in this post they had started to walk around and explore.

Look at Minerva’s fancy bed! The tween’s former, 5th grade teacher passed this on to her. The teacher’s cat was “too fat” to fit in it. The tented bed is brand new and still had its tag on it.


Here you see the many faces of Mortimer. He got ‘dat stank face goin on while checkin out his new digs, LOL.

I fed them Purina Cat Chow Naturals along with Purina Fancy Feast. I bought this brand per Kathy B’s recommendation: “My sister, the internal medicine vet, always told us that Purina has been studying dog and cat foods for decades. They know their stuff.” Afterwards the dames put their kittens in their litter boxes and they went! We were so proud.

Also, two of our neighbors came over for an hour yesterday evening and fell in love with our kittens. One showed me how to trim their claws. Both laughed at the antics of the felines. Mortimer was highly entertaining as he would chase his shadow and play with the litter mat.

These two did well for their first night here. My oldest had stayed up working on her bibliography assignment and Mortimer sat in her lap the whole time; she had tried to put him in his bed but he would get up and walk right back to her. My daughter has a loft bed so when she went up to sleep, the kitten walked around and would look up at her. She put the blanket she was sitting on in his bed and tucked him in there; Mortimer finally fell asleep. He did mew in the middle of the night so his mama turned on the light and he found the litter box and did his business. Then it was bedtime again.

As for Minerva, she would not go to sleep. Running around was her thing to do. And then the kitten would huddle by the litter box in the tween’s closet. Finally, the feline figured out how to jump up on an overturned basket and made herself at home on my daughter’s bed. I found her huddled by the tween who was very happy.

Now currently, all the husband and I hear is the patter of running paws. I’m glad we got two kittens as they have each other to play with. They don’t have full run of the house yet. A part of the hallway has been gated off, but the kids’ bedroom doors are open so Mortimer and Minerva can run in and out of those when they want to.

Okay, I need to hit the treadmill. TGIF! TTYS.

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  1. OH my gosh! I’m so envious! M&M are just adorable. They sound so well socialized! Good mommas at your house. Happy new babies. Please keep sending us their antics. Kittens are such joy bundles. Wheeeeee. You have been patient and careful; your daughters have learned a lot from you already!

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  2. I love your post! It looks as though you know how to give them expert care! Plus they fit into your family perfectly! I love their names. I always give my kitties people names. Roxie was called Tootsie Roll before we changed her name…I hated her old name! I love that you adopted two of these babies. They have their forever homes! They are beautiful kitties! I love the many faces of Mortimer!

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  3. Mortimer and Minerva are adorable. And that is one fancy bed that Minerva is lounging in. How fun to have new kittens in the home. It will be fun watching them grow up through pictures you share here. 🙂


  4. They are adorable! I love the stink eye look ha ha ha! Having pets in the house just adds to the fun, love and silliness of life. Good to hear they are using the litter well too. If we left our bedroom door open, all six pets would be on the bed with us all night…we’d have cramped up legs by morning! Keep posting photos of them!!! They are so cute! 🙂


  5. So cute and sweet! Your kittens are adorable, I’m impressed how well trained they are. Your daughters will be such good mammas to the new babies in your house!


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