Mortimer and Minerva

Mortimer & Minerva 2

Good morning. How’re you today? How was your weekend?

Mine was busy. Friday I attended my first, Pampered Chef party; it was across the street at my neighbor’s. We made quinoa fried rice with shrimp. I ordered an apple peeler and a cutting board with a well in it for meat and juicy fruit.

Saturday our crew got up early to head up to the city. We celebrated my paternal grandmother’s birthday at her apartment. My parents picked up Chinese from Kirin, one of our favorite restaurants.

Sunday I drove over to the San Mateo Marriot to have lunch with other Ulloa moms. The five of us got to catch up and talk about PTA. The staff was nice there but the service was slow. In addition, I don’t think the food was worth the prices. However, I was happy to not have to worry about finding parking in downtown San Mateo.

With so much that has been going on the past, two weeks I’m fighting aches and chills right now since yesterday. Today is a half, wet day so I’m bundled up in my coziest gear – joggers and my favorite sweatshirt. I’m drinking herbal teas and will have some chicken noodle later.

I haven’t finished any books lately but as you requested, here are some pictures of Mortimer and Minerva:


As you can imagine, it was very hard for the dames to leave their kittens behind for school. I checked on them now and then and found them dozing on the tween’s bed together.

And now and then they would play:

At one point Mortimer was sleeping in the teen’s room in its bed so that meant Minerva was mewing. E went to go play with her. While I was making brownies, I thought it was super quiet so I went to look:

Finding Minerva cuddled up in the crook of E’s arm made me LOL. Before these felines arrived he would moan and groan about having two kittens about in our home. Now look at him, what a big softie!

Here, the kids were home from school, happy to be home with their babies:


Yesterday the kids and I took Mortimer and Minerva to their first, vet visit:

The two got weighed by the technician first who also took their temperatures. Mortimer is 1lb., 7oz. while Minerva is 1lb., 13oz. Both kittens were curious on the table, getting near the edges and peering out.

Then we met one of the vets. Minerva didn’t like her ears and eyes being looked at while Mortimer was fine with it all. I need to get kitten chow which has more calcium.

And guess what?! Mortimer is a girl, not a boy! The vet even had the other vet come and check. The teen wants to keep her kitten’s name as it; I told her it was fine. We only know her as Mortimer.

So now they take turns in the teen’s or tween’s room during the day. The gate we bought is useless as they ended up jumping over it Friday evening. I’d like to partially block off the hallway so they can go in-and-out of the kids’ rooms. The husband is pondering on it.

Okay, I’m off to eat something so I can take some daytime Theraflu. Have a good Tuesday. TTYS.

11 thoughts on “Mortimer & Minerva 2”

  1. I missed your kitten news!!!!!! They are so adorable!! And lol at Mortimer being a girl. I used to volunteer at our animal shelter for years and years and sometimes it is so hard to tell..

    They are super cute – enjoy them!! 🙂


  2. So sorry you feel less than 100%…I guess I should have told you that there is nothing that can stop a determined kitten from getting to where she wants to go…they are both adorable! Sisters! Two sweet girls! That will be a good thing!


  3. Really I just need bunches and bunches of kitten pictures. Is there anything cuter than a kitten? And two kittens sound like lots of fun. I’m surprised the girls managed to get to school at all! Hope you’re feeling better. That theraflu is nasty stuff. I’d almost rather be sick – ALMOST.


  4. Oh they are so cute and gorgeous and sounds like even the nay sayer has succumbed. Who wouldn’t! They will be such fun. Hope you beat off those bugs.


  5. Those two are adorable and I’m sure you’ll be happier with two girls than a boy. At least from my experience, the girl kitties are always easier than the boys 🙂 I hope you feel better soon!

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  6. Love the update and pictures! What fun. Congratulations on having two girls! Again! 🙂 And lastly… I hope you don’t truly have the flu, but whatever you’ve picked up I hope you get well quickly.


  7. I hope you feel better Stefanie! Oh the kitties…they are adorable! Funny about Mortimer…actually when I met Alex, he had his two cats already. One’s name is Dana. When he first got that kitten, he thought it was a girl, named her Lana, after Lana Turner…after a vet visit, Lana was a boy! So he changed the name to Dana (after an old actor Dana Andrews, a “he” lol)…we named our husky Charlie because we love the name, but she’s a girl…I think Mortimer is a fine name for a dame! 😉


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