Kittens, Mortimer and Minerva

Mortimer & Minerva 3

Good evening. What’s for din din tonight? I have only one child to worry about most of this week. The tween is up north at Science Camp with all of her sixth grade class. The teenager and I are chillin after a busy afternoon of droppin off her friends at home, returning library books, grabbin dinner, changing out the litter, and then givin the kittens a tearless shampoo. She’s watchin the first Descendants movie while I knock out this post.

Having mentioned the library, I had to renew my hardcover and may have to renew the Kindle book as well. I picked up two holds and found a new cozy mystery series. So because I haven’t finished any books yet, here’s some more Mortimer and Minerva cuteness.

Here’s how we sequester them to this area of the house:

This is the second gate we bought for them. The first one was too short. After the first day the kittens were here, they started vaulting the gate. Minerva is the instigator. So the husband bought this on Prime, a 4′ high, pet gate. However, said instigator climbed it in five minutes! So he zip-tied a tri-fold poster board to it. It’s able to do its job now.

Throughout each day I peek in on them. If I can see them from the other side of the gate, there are cute moments like this one:

The tween’s bed is a favorite spot of theirs as it’s cushy and they can see outside. Rocky Bear is plush and provides cozy support.

For two sisters who rough house every day, they do love to cuddle up with one another:

And yeah, sometimes they prefer to sleep separately:

And now that Mortimer and Minerva are happily comfortable in our home, I found them today on the tween’s desk:

Yup, no fear in climbing everywhere possible! Such rascals this pair is. And guess who got up there first. Mmm-hmm.

Off to stitch and use my new, LED magnifying craft light for these aging eyes. Have a good evening and TTYS.

9 thoughts on “Mortimer & Minerva 3”

  1. Such cuteness! Love the updates of the kitties. Also would love to read a review on your craft light after you’ve used it a bit. I’m just beginning to wonder if something like this would be a good idea. Of if simply using a “daylight” bulb is good. I can’t imagine working through a magnifying glass, but still I wonder. I should find one to try out for myself, I suppose. But reviews are nice if you’re interested in sharing, Stef.

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  2. Love the kittens and yes they sure climb. Next door has a kitten/cat – about 9 months, I watch it climb over their roof! Lovely to hear its all working out.


  3. OMG! They are so cute. We have a three story entry and a landing at the top near our bedroom door. Roxie used to sit on the landing and peer over at us. Just far enough out of reach so that we could not get to her. Some one once told me that living with kittens is like having a two year old child for a really long time! And you have two of them!


  4. They are just so sweet…it’s nice to have them grow up together. Introducing new pets is really difficult and takes a lot of monitoring…when we got all the pets, we felt like prison guards lol…me thinks at some point they may get over that barrier!!! I wouldn’t put it past them, they have all day long to make their plans lol! 🙂


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