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Cross Stitch III

Hi y’all. A quick post as I’ve been dilligently working on the tween’s teacher gift. Here’s what I’ve gotten done so far:

I just finished backstitching the Marauder’s map:

I bought a Morgan lap stand (made in the USA) to try because I started having aches from holding the hoop and stitching:

There are different sized hoops that come in the set. I chose the 7″ & 10″.

  • The first photo shows you how I’m now able to use my magnifying, LED lamp. I clamp it where the 10″ hoop screws together. I like having the lamp this way. I was clamping it onto the end table next to the couch, but the reach is only so far and I would have to move it up and down whenever I got up from the sofa. I would recommend this light but I would say think of how you would be using it and if the reach is long enough for you.
  • The second picture shows you the structure of this lap stand. There are three, support rods that go into the hoops. The manufacturer suggested putting in felt in the lower hoop so that when it sits on your lap, it will be soft and comfortable; I used flannel from my stash because it was large enough to fit the 10″ hoop. I like this set up way more and would recommend it.

Okay, I must go. I’ve gotten smart and have stopped watching The Great British Baking Show while I stitch so I’ll get more done. I’ve got Celine Dion playing on Spotify after seeing her Youtube carpool karoke with James Corden. Have a good Thursday and TTYS.

7 thoughts on “Cross Stitch III”

  1. That stand looks pretty cool!!

    Girl, how cool are you to be making your teacher gift!!! #momgoalsthere I am taking the easy way out and buying Target gift cards. Lol. I’ve been listening to a lot of Lord Huron and The National Parks on Spotify lately.

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  2. A Morgan lap stand is such a great idea Stefanie…I need something like that for my knitting. I always shy away from finishing knitting projects because my back hurts so much and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong!


  3. Your cross stitch is looking so good, Stef. What fun that must be to stitch. Thank you for showing and explaining about the Morgan lap stand, and how you attach your lighted magnifier. It’s really helpful to see the set up.

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