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Cross Stitch IV

Good morning. How have you been? Well, school is finally out for the summer here. I have this to show you:

I finished Marauder’s Map by last Sunday. Monday I bought a frame from Target as I had liked that it came with a mat, enabling me to frame it in an 8″x10″ way. The frame also allowed you to frame a piece more than the matted, window measurements if you don’t use the mat. However I realized after bringing it home, that the Aida fabric would have to lay all out flat and I wasn’t sure if there’d be wrinkles or movement. So I returned it.

Tuesday I bought a frame from Michael’s, a regular 8″x10″. Here’s how I put everything together:

  1. I steamed the back of the cross stitch piece and ironed (cotton setting) the front and back.
  2. I cleaned the glass with Windex and made sure it was completely dry.
  3. I used the glass to find the center of the design in the front and lightly traced with a pencil; I then folded the Aida fabric on the lines towards its back.
  4. I used my pinking shears and cut off some of fabric on all sides, leaving about 2″ perimeter all around the pencil lines + I cut out the corners (like how I would for boxing a zipper pouch).
  5. I used the paper that came with the frame, turning it to its white side and laid this side down on the back of the cross stitch.
  6. I then laid the mat on top of the paper, front side down.
  7. I cut small pieces of thin, foam tape, placing them in spots on the mat and tightly folded over the Aida sides to the back of the mat.
  8. This piece was placed back into the frame, on the top of the glass, and then frame was closed up.

The funnest parts for me while working on this cross stitch were Harry and the Weasley twins + the wording.

This is the card the tween drew and made for her teacher:

Mrs. B was extremely touched by my daughter’s card, which had a long message. She also liked my cross stitch piece very much, giving me a hug. I’m excited because she’ll be hanging it in her classroom in the fall!

Do you have any special plans this summer?

Next week, my kids start their individual math classes, the teen Geometry Readiness and the tween PreAlgebra Readiness. The teen still has private tennis lessons on one day and her terrific coach is finding other players so the teenagers can against one another to apply what they learn from him. I plan to sign up the tween for park and rec badmitton. And hopefully the teen librarian will get back to me and have room to add my daughter on as a volunteer as her original plan for service hours didn’t work out.

Today my parents and our crew have a Celebration of Life luncheon to go to. My parents just got here so I must run. Thank you for all of your past visits, taking time to read &/or comment on my posts. Have a great Saturday and TTYS.

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  1. The cross stitch is terrific! I can see why Mrs. B. loved it and your daughter’s card. The only summer plans we have so far is that DH is retiring next month. He’s focused on having everything in order so he can leave the job is good condition for whoever follows. Hopefully once that’s behind him we’re going to get serious about some house stuff we’ve been putting off – and maybe a road trip. I’m in bad want of a road trip.


  2. Hi Stefanie 🙂 Your cross stitch is so beautifully done! I’m sure teacher was very happy to receive it and the card!! 🙂 Summer plans…well, garden, pets, squirrels…cooking…enjoying the warm weather before it snows again in 4 months lol! 🙂

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  3. Summer plans are an upcoming road trip to Cooperstown NY to watch my Grandson play ball at Dreams Park and also visit the Baseball Hall of Fame.

    My Grandkids will be with me all summer and we have plans for vacation bible school and also the summer reading program at yhe library.

    Love the cross stitch and the card! So cool!!

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  4. These are such thoughtful presents for the teacher! The cross-stitch picture came out perfect and you’ve done a fine job framing it! I’ve framed most of my cross-stitch projects myself and I know how tricky it can be 🙂

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  5. That turned out awesome and I love your daughter’s card to her too. Just an FYI for the future, they make self stick mounting boards if you want a sturdier back for the cross stitch. I was a framer for two years right out of high school and I used to love framing and matting cross stitches.

    Here’s an example:—11%22-x-14%22/p/34735

    It’s also a good idea to use some type of mat, even if you have to get it professionally cut. Framing stores do that for you. It helps to protect all that hard work in case there is any type of condensation. I hope this helps for future projects!

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