Kittens, Mortimer and Minerva

Mortimer & Minerva 4

Good afternoon. It’s 4:16pm on this 77° Wednesday. How is your Wednesday going?

Ready to see the kittens? I wanted to make sure I fulfill Kathy’s request ^__^.

Can you tell who messes with who the most?

Mortimer and Minerva love to explore the house because you know…they own it.

They got tuckered out here and started getting sleepy.

The way these two kittens sleep together sometimes makes me LOL.

Here the two had claimed the tween’s pillow while she had slept:

They had their second vet visit last week. Mortimer is now 2 lbs, 13 oz. Minerva is 3 lbs, 4 oz. The vet was very happy with their weight gain as they’re supposed to gain a pound a month. Each feline got a vaccination and then each got tested for feline leukemia. Their tests came out negative so they both got that shot too. The next morning Minnie didn’t look so good as she didn’t really want to move nor even eat, but it was to be expected after the visit. Morty was better, eating a bit at the first, two feedings, but you could tell she was stiff. By midday these two were fine, running around and rough housing again.

Okay I need to check on the IP; I’m making jook again. Yesterday’s batch I totally forgot to put in the smoked turkey leg my mum gave us. However today, I found out it wouldn’t even fit in the instant pot! I had to slice off what meat I could and man, that leg had all of these tough, hard tendons that I had to rip out. I guess I’ll just be using smoked ham hocks in the future.

I’m caught up on WP blogs and will tackle Blogspot and Typepad ones tomorrow. I’ll catch you all up on our crew tomorrow as well. TTYS and thanks for stoppin by.

9 thoughts on “Mortimer & Minerva 4”

  1. They are so adorable! I really miss having cats, so I’m thrilled when I get to live vicariously through others 🙂 My hubby is allergic and he put up with my two for 10 years. I promised him no more kittehs after they passed.


  2. I need all the kitten pictures and that’s just what I needed right now. Mortimer’s expression (he’s the solid black one?) is just hilarious and how they sleep all curled up together is so adorable.

    Oh you asked about the Let’s Collaborate button on my blog. It’s for this campaign site that I signed up for but I ended up deciding not to work with them. I’ve just been to lazy to remove it!


  3. They are so tiny that sometimes vaccines can really bother them. They get all sleepy and act like they have a fever. Our vet gives Roxie Benedryll before her shots…that helps and then we just watch her. You are so right about cats owning our houses!


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