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A June Catch Up

(above: a recently built Particles Block set by the tween; it’s 350 pieces.)

I. A Birthday

Guess who’s 12 years old now?

Her birthday was the second to last day of school. I’m lucky to have a laidback kid because it was okay to have leftovers for dinner. However, I did pick up a Baskin Robbins ice cream roll.

Because I had mentioned dinner…

Sohl Design Blog’s Zucchini Spinach Lasagna

This recipe was delicious. When my daughters like it, I know it’s a winner. The layers came out so pretty and they didn’t squish nor move around.

II. Promotion

You have already seen what we gave the tween’s teacher on the last day of school. Before all that, there was a short promotion ceremony. Each class had its own, making it easy for parents to have good seats and to be able to see everyone.

My kid didn’t want to do anything particularly special afterwards as she was able to leave campus early. We stopped by Whole Foods to pick up sushi and ice cream mochi. Then the two of us dropped by the boba place on our way home.

III. The Start of Summer

With school being done midweek, the tween had a friend come over two days later. She wanted her BFF to meet the kittens. When the girls got hungry, I took the pair + the teenager to our favorite crepe place.

The teen and I sat together. She brought a new library book to read and tried the honey toast special:

IV. Father’s Day

Father’s Day weekend was just last weekend. The tween and I made her dad pancakes; I made her do most of the work so she’d learn how:

We tried a new recipe for chocolate chip pancakes by Julie’s Eats. The batter is really thick even though J poured in all the milk. I was slightly dubious about this recipe, however, these pancakes came out light and fluffy like they were supposed to! Brunch was devoured.

This is me and my daddy + here’s E with the dames:

V. Currently

This first week of summer math classes is zooming by!

The tween’s class is only an hour thrice a week so we’ve checked out a new tea place. Monday I hung out there by myself and knitted while sippin on a coconut Jasmine milk tea. Yesterday the teen came with me and read with her fruit tea. I tried the taro milk tea; it was good! I skipped the sugar after having looked online what did they mean 30%-75% sugar; oh boy, you don’t want to know.

The teen’s class is one and a half hours twice a  week which gives me a bit more breathing room. I switched my cardio to these days because we leave by a certain time late morning. I’ve been running errands this week.

I’ve also been working out again in the mornings, waking up early like I did for the school schedule. My husband runs around six am and then showers by quarter to seven. I’m a light sleeper obviously and just get up.

I skipped Monday because last Saturday, I was bringing laundry to the garage and saw my neighbor’s daughter’s shoes (she was visiting with the kittens). I started talking to myself in my head about how I should move them to the foyer so she wouldn’t have to get them from the garage. Well, me not paying attention caused me to miss a step; I turned my right ankle and fell down, slamming onto my right buttock onto the concrete and banging my head against the open door of the washer (thought it was plastic but the inside is like glass). I was a bit stunned but managed to get myself up and hobbled to the office where I told my husband what happened. I babied and iced my ankle til Monday and by Tuesday I was walking and running again on the treadmill.

I know, I know. I’m so clumsy; I can be like Doug in UP. Monday I gave myself another head injury. I whacked my head on the corner of the hallway cabinet door that was open when I stood up after putting away towels in the bottom cabinet. I reorganized that very small area as we don’t have much storage space in this house. Because I’m short (5′ and 3/4″), it’s been hard for me to reach all the way to the top shelf where I had placed the dish, hand, and face towels. I moved the flannel and fleece sheet sets up there with the help of the teen who stood on a chair. Our crew now has better access to the towels and I have a bruised area on my noggin.

Thanks for catchin up with our crew. I’m off to make tea before I make myself clean the master bath. I hope to try making cheesecake for the first time ever…oh crap! I forgot to get graham crackers at Safeway – doh! I do not want to go out for a third time so I’ll ask the husband to get some on his way home. TTYS and have a good Thursday. Bye.

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  1. Oh no! Sounds like you’re having a rough time of it with all the falling! I don’t fall very often but ow how it hurts and it always takes me a few minutes to recover and get up. I would be pretty happy with that ice cream roll cake! Looks delicious! I’m glad the pancakes came out well and now you have wanting them! Happy June!


  2. Your June is full of activity. Also a headache! Love your photos of Father’s Day. Some proud papa’s there. How can your youngest be 12? Unreal how quickly they grow up.


  3. Oh Stef! Yowza! Im so so clumsy. I hit my head on the kitchen counter edge point as I got up from washing the floor the other day. No harm but ouch. Im so sorry you are banged up!

    I love to see what your girls are reading/doing.

    Zach is healing a bit from Bears death. It is so raw. He’s coming up for the weekend. Lake time heals…


  4. I love those pictures of your dad holding you (washing your baby head), and your dh and girls. How sweet. Take care of yourself, Stef. You’re still young and bounce back quickly. If I’d done those things I’d be feeling it for weeks, I suspect. I hope you enjoy your summer!

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  5. Oh no!! I hate that you got injured twice this month!! I am paranoid of head injuries and doors since I had my head injury in April. And we are the same height! LOL. I hope you are feeling better from both accidents!

    All this food looks amazing. That honey toast! And your father’s day pics are too cute. 🙂


  6. I bet you move throughout your day at lightning speed (that is how I frequently hurt myself). Slow down and be careful 🙂 So many things changing, I remember when your girls were LITTLE.


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