Kittens, Mortimer and Minerva

Mortimer & Minerva 5

Good morning. I haven’t taken too many pictures of Mortie and Minnie lately. I usually forget to bring my phone when I go to one of the rooms to pet them. However, I was able to capture the kittens in what they usually do every day:

Mum Mum Time

We got them down to three meals a day now, instead of four, now that they’re four months old. This is what Mortie and Minnie do every time it’s time to eat: stand on their hind legs (maybe lightly grasping my leg with their front paws), stare up at me, and mew. Mortimer can get really loud in the morning; she usually hears my husband get up at 5:30 in the morning, sometimes even yowling.

Play Time

Once these two eat they are reenergized and go play around the house. The kittens either get into something (making a mess), chase one another, or rough house.

Such a hard life being a kitten, yeah? Have a good Hump Day and TTYS.

11 thoughts on “Mortimer & Minerva 5”

  1. They are so cute!!!! My cats are so big now. The only one I got as a kitten is my Maggie (my cats have M names too – Maggie, Marlow and Miso. Lol) Miso was 6 months when we rescued her and Marlow was like 5 years old. I wonder what they would have been like as kittens. 🙂

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    1. They’re 14 weeks old and are so big now. My tween days they look like little turkeys when they’re crouched down and eating.


  2. they are super duper sweet! When you do decide to travel have a trusted friend with a key come in to take care of them up to one year old (that’s what I did). I leave my cat for a weekend easily with tons of food and water, after that I get a friend to top up the food and water and of course scoop 🙂


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