Kittens, Mortimer and Minerva

Mortimer & Minerva 6

Good morning. As promised, here are more pics of Mortimer and Minerva:

  1. The little chicken puppet is a favorite for the kittens to pick up and run around with. These two constantly bat it around and chase one another when one has it in her mouth.
  2. The teen’s desk chair is a popular spot in her room for them to sleep on. Minnie tries to dominate it during the day. She will purposely get up on it and mess with her sister which is why Mortie is on the floor rug. Mortie will sleep on this chair at night instead of her fleece bed.
  3. They can both crowd upon it for now. The pair uses it as a stepping stool to the teen’s desk and bat around her pens.

In this photo, we had let the kittens run around for a long time. They like to play with the bags under here and at one point, they got so tired they napped there.

Minerva loves the sunlight. I don’t think she understands what it is. Shadows of the trees outside show through the blinds. Because of their movement, this feline will play around with the shadows. Here she was mewing now and then. I don’t know why.

Their third vet visit.

Mortimer is now 3 lbs, 11 oz. Her sister is now 4 lbs, 5 oz.

Minnie was a bit scared this time around. Mortie mewed a little in the car but while we waited in the office, Minnie kept mewing. Across from us was a hyper dog so that may have been why. I could see inside the carrier and see her staring at the canine through the mesh window.

When the dames took out their kittens to place onto the examination room table, Minerva crouched down and didn’t move much. Mortimer was more curious and sat up, looking around.

They each received two shots and we have to take them back for their rabies. The vet had asked how did they handle the shots last time; Minnie was more affected than Mortie. So the vet said she wanted to just give them two each. One shot was given in the right shoulder while the other was in the left leg.

The next day the kittens were pretty much fine. They were able to have appetites, walk around, and jump up onto something. The two just didn’t run around like race cars all day.

Well, lots of chores and tasks to take care of today, but I do love Thursdays as they’re like my Friday. Have a good one. TTYS.

24 thoughts on “Mortimer & Minerva 6”

  1. Gosh, they are growing up so fast. It makes me happy to see you taking them to the vet. So many cat owners never do vet visits. In our state they do not need to be registered like dogs do so vet visits are a rarity for cats here.


    1. Wow, that’s certainly different laws. I will register them with our city once they’re spayed. I had asked about city licenses at the second visit.


  2. I don’t think there is anything cuter than a kitten. And two kittens are more than doubly cute. Glad to hear they handled the most recent round of shots better. Our cat gets nervous at the vet. I thought he’d get better as he got older but it doesn’t seem to be. I think he feels nervous outside of the walls of the house. The good thing is that other than yearly visits and the occasional boarding he doesn’t have to go very often.


  3. They are seriously cute! I love it when kittens just flop over and go to sleep right in the middle of whatever they’re playing with. It’s adorable.

    It sounds like they’re both reasonably well behaved at the vet. Hopefully it will stay that way. Our Mortimer (a boy) and his brother Charlie go for their yearly shots and checkups next month. They were current on everything when we adopted them, so our only vet visit with them was pretty much just a meet and greet to get them established with our vet. They were both pretty good for that, so I’m hoping they’ll be good this time.

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