Kittens, Mortimer and Minerva

Mortimer & Minerva 7

Good afternoon. Hump Day is a good one – productive and relaxing. I did my cardio and then filled out two forms for the athletic department. Today was supposed to be the first day of turning in the forms for fall sports participants, but I found a sign that it was cancelled. So then I went to Pet Smart to pick up more litter, more kitten chow, and a fresh box of soft food. The kittens just have had hard food since last Friday. Boy did they chow down during their lunch feeding with that soft food mixed into the kibbles! I’ve never see them eat so fast!

Mortimer and Minerva are growing. When our crew got back from Oahu the four of us noticed a difference.

Here’s Mortie:

First Column

  • Regal on my lap; she will jump up onto my lap when I’m sitting somewhere.
  • There Mortie goes ploppin herself down again in the kitchen. Whenever I go into the kitchen, her and her sister come in and sit down, thinkin I’m in there to make them something.

Second Column

  • With this new growth spurt, each kitten needs more room to stretch out.
  • She trips me out as she will just plop herself down by a wall sometimes.

Third Column

  • She likes to cuddle with her teenaged mama and sleep by her; yep, the teenager’s stinky foot is her pillow.

Now it’s Minnie’s turn:

First Column

  • Minnie loves our shoes. We recently got small shoe racks to organize our foyer; the husband is in love with them because having all of these shoes out of the way makes more space and makes it seem our foyer is larger.
  • One of her favorite places to climb upon in the teenager’s room.

Second Column

  • Laid out by her mama yesterday.
  • Her napping space yesterday.

Third Column

  • Under the dining area chairs is a preferred spot also.

Aren’t they growing so fast? This pair of kittens will be 19 weeks this Thursday. They’ve finished their first year of shots and each have official rabies licenses. And man do they eat good in this house. When I told the husband that I got them more soft food, he wrote, “They’ll be HAPPY.” LOL.

Okay, off to eat my celery with Ranch snack that the teen prepared for me. Oh, before I go, did you know it’s Harry Potter’s birthday? Teenybutton Studio is having a shop update. I ordered her new, Hedwig colorway to go with the other two colorways (Treacle Tart & Keeper of the Keys) I had bought from her in the past. GTG; TTYS.

14 thoughts on “Mortimer & Minerva 7”

  1. Getting bigger, but still as adorable as ever. Actually… Mortie does look regal – with that beautiful, sleek black hair. And Minnie’s face is so sweet!


    1. I know, sniff, sniff. Too fast. We heard some good news today: one sibling that looks like Minnie but her tuxedo coloring has her looking like she’s wearing a Batman mask is getting adopted. And the one that looks like the mama may be going home my tween’s BFF, but she has to confirm with her papa first.


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