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Cross Stitch V

Good afternoon on this blustery, 72° Thursday. Before I get into my latest cross stitch WIP and goodies, I wanted to explain National Night Out and Craft Night as they’ve been asked about.

National Night Out

National Night Out (US) is usually the Tuesday of the first, full week of August. My neighbor, who had gone to school with my youngest aunty, started it when our crew first moved into the court. She would print out a flyer and have my daughters put them in the neighbors’ mailboxes; this year she sent out an email. Our block party is usually a potluck set up in front of someone’s house. We catch up with one another, update the phone and email trees, and maybe get a visit from local law enforcenment or from members of City Hall. You can register your block party on the website. If your party does get visited, then that is the time to share your concerns and to ask questions.

Craft Night

When I first moved into the court, I was invited by two of my neighbors – the one mentioned above and the one who lives next to her – to join in on their monthly Craft Night. The three of us take turns hosting. You aren’t obligated to provide snacks but each of us always do. We, ladies, meet from 7pm to 9pm. Usually the first Friday is designated or maybe the second, depending upon everyone’s schedule.

Last year or earlier this year, another neighbor – the one whom I carpool with – joined in and so we’re a quartet of crafters! She spoils us with a homemade meal, like pho! You know that dish a lot of time and work. Two of our other neighbors pop in when they can on a Craft Night.

Cross Stitch Goodies

In my Oahu post, I flashed what cross stitch patterns were found at Needlepoint Etc. Here’s a close up of the ones I found for myself. Thank you, Daddy for treating!

I look forward to making these one day since our living and dining areas are inspired by Oahu. The two, short walls that make a mitered corner were painted in Spicy Red; I had wanted to give the husband a “red” wall in the house but I didn’t want too much of a red. When I saw Spicy Red I thought of Cayenne Pepper which is sort of an orange-red, reminding me of the color that is in each of our framed, hula girl prints.

Because of the red walls I picked out that hibiscus kit. I like how the quilt patterns can be cross stitched in any color. Plus, I chose the island of Oahu because it is the one that I’ve visited many times since I was a child.

I have mentioned her before, but I will again because Joanna/OperaJo/StitchingtheHighNotes is a terrific sewist besides a knitter and an opera singer. Her shop had an update in early July. I made sure to put it on my calendar and even set an alarm on my phone. When it was near time, I made sure I had already opened up my PayPal account and was logged into her store.

I wanted to buy another of her needlework bags because I had given the lemon tree one to the teenager. I chose this print because it reminded me of the Nicole Miller cards my mama had bought me when I was in high school; she had wanted me to write thank you notes for graduation gifts I had received.

Joanna’s bags are well sewn. There is vinyl window so you can see which WIP is in there. My mom is a sewist and when I showed her the other bag during our trip, she looked through every inch of the piece. My mama was impressed with how Joanna had sewn everything together, liking the seams and finishes. I told Joanna all this on IG. I videoed myself opening up her package while discussing the bag’s merits. So if you know a cross stitcher, one of these bags would be a wonderful gift for that person.

Cross Stitch WIP

Meet my new, cross stitch WIP: Trick-or-Treat Couple by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. I have had an eye on this pattern for ages! I probably bought it last year during one of their holiday sales.

As you can tell, the style is kawaii. This makes me very happy because of its cuteness.

1 first post (1)I had to order the Aida cloth on Etsy. TFPS used linen in a cauldron color. I don’t want to stitch on linen because the holes are harder on my eyes. I think this color is like a pewter.

For this project, I am trying out three pieces of embroidery thread. When I was working on the Harry Potter pattern, I had used the standard two threads and felt this caused a gappy-like finish. I like how the look of this pattern is coming out bolder in color.

I probably won’t frame it when it’s finished. I plan to turn this small pattern into a pillow with a cute trim so I can take it out whenever October rolls around.

Alrighty, that’s it for now. I need to check the butter and eggs to see if they’ve come to room temperature. I’m planning to make a new, chocolate chip cookie recipe I found on Pinterest. It’s my PoPo’s birthday tomorrow. We’re meeting up with my mom in the city to visit my grandmother. TTYS.

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  1. What a great little craft group youn have going there and it sure is good to stitch and gossip and be friendly. I love the cross stitch WIP it is so cute. You have plenty to keep you stitching!


    1. I inspired my mama to start one with her friends. I had to make some classic chocolate chips cookies since I was dumb and didn’t check how many oz the bar of Ghiradelli was for the original recipe. My grandmother was very happy. I’ll show a pic in my next post.


  2. way back when (20 years?) I had a group of ladies that I met with once a week to knit with, we had so much fun and ate so much food. I loved it! I now have a knit group that we get together twice a month. It’s fun too but when I had kids that get away feeling felt more important. Now I don’t need to get away 🙂


    1. I love how your knit group meets 2x a month. I tried to go to a monthly one but I didn’t get attached. I should try to get together with one friend who used to go too and whom I’ve kind of bonded with.


  3. I’ve found that Aida shrinks a bit when washed and the gaps in the two thread crosses are usually filled in after the finished work has been washed, dried and ironed. You have an eye for sweet and interesting cross-stitch designs, I like your new WIP!


    1. That’s good to know. I didn’t wash and dry the Harry Potter one, just sprayed it with water and steam-dried it. I was worried about colors running.


  4. I love reading about your crafting group. I don’t have a good set up at the moment for hosting one (we’re in a kind of transition furniture-wise), but yours sounds so simple – I really want to do this someday. Soon, I hope!

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  5. Your craft nights sound so fun! I wish that there was something similar here. Love the Halloween cross stitch! So cute! I have one cross stitch on the go but it’s on linen and I can only work on it for short periods of time.


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