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Cross Stitch VI

My Babies

Hello and good morning to you.

Yesterday school started to my daughters’ utter delights, LOL. In my rush to get out of the house, I forgot to take a picture of them. However, I remembered to take one today before we had to pick up our neighbor. Aren’t they beautiful? I’m so proud of them and can’t believe another year has passed.

My teen is a sophomore and my tween is a seventh grader. The high schooler is now wearing her cute clothes to school; last year she had felt intimidated and in her words, “didn’t want to be judged,” and so usually wore a tee or a top with athletic leggings and Nikes. This child thankfully likes to shop.

The junior high schooler is now wearing jeans full time. Her requirement for t-shirts is that they must have longer and wider sleeves. LOL, she even did the French tuck with her tee today. It’ll be interesting to see how her taste in clothes develop over time.

Both had a minimal day yesterday, liking one or a few of their teachers. My youngest complained about how she had to cross campus for every class. She also talked about how her schedule may change because there is only one, advanced math teacher and how the four classes weren’t balanced correctly numberwise. Her class has 42 students while the others numbered 38, 39, and 40.

My oldest talked about how she is the only sophomore in her chemistry class; thankfully she has some junior friends in there. My teen has friends in French and in AP Euro; I’m glad she has contacts and study buddies. And would you believe she said she liked her Geometry teacher? My 14 year old felt he knew the material well and will know how and what to teach.

Onto Cross Stitch We Go!

I’m almost done!

But before I go into this I wanted to mention I joined another Meetup craft group. In the past I had joined a local book club, but I’ve been MIA for a long time. I’m also part of a knitting group that meets in the town over, but most of the time my family has its get-together the same Saturday so I usually don’t go. I looked around on Meetup to see if I could find another knitting group but the closest one is a bit far.

I then respotted this craft group that I’ve seen advertised on the app before so I decided to request membership. It has rules that aren’t too bad and I had to answer a couple of questions. I got in easily and went to the meet up at Joann yesterday. I met four women, three are older and one was the daughter of one of them. They were really nice and boy are they hardcore scrapbookers! Each pulled out her supplies, all organized and the mother-daughter duo each had to use Joann carts to bring in their gear!

I brought my cross stitch WIP. Note: the other candies were completed before school started. At group I worked on that purple and orange candy and started the last pumpkin. I will have a bit of outlining to do for all the eyes I think but that’ll be quick.

I plan on making this into a pillow. I need to research what kind of trim I’ll use. Hmmm…maybe some kind of piping? I’d rather be able to sew it on. Handsewing is not my favorite. And shoot, I just bought a bunch of 1/2 yard pieces of fabric in fall and in Halloween prints. Maybe I’ll use one of the Halloween ones but I think I’d like to get something more colorful.

That’s it for today. Thanks for droppin by. And oh, a gentle reminder…I will be unplugging in September as much as I can. TTYS.

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  1. I adore the cross stitch! How fun! Your daughters are both gorgeous but I especially love your teen’s outfit. I’m so glad that she feels confident enough to wear her good clothes to school. She looks absolutely stunning in them but it’s even better that she feels the confidence to wear them. Hope they have a wonderful school year!


  2. My two girls are feeling much the same way about school, liking some of their teachers (most of them, I guess ha ha) and I have one in chemistry too. Hard to believe we’re in a new school year already!

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