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1 Monster Sock KAL 2019


In July I participated in a Monster Sock mini swap where you could join one of two groups:

  • 6 or less swap
  • 6 or more swap.

This was run by Jesse/oocha and Sue/smcarn on IG. They have hosted the Monster Sock KAL since 2017.

Once you emailed the group email, you were assigned a swap partner by these knitters. My partner was Whitney. She and I decided eight, 5g minis were sufficient to trade; here‘s where she had posted a pic of what I had sent her. I actually did an unpacking video for IG – link. They weren’t labeled so I don’t know their 411, but I do like what she had sent.

The Monster Sock KAL 2019 begins Sunday, September 1st. Yesterday I rewound the minis Whitney gave me to get a better sense of the colors in each one. I also looked through my jar of sock leftovers to decide upon where I was going to go colorwise.

I first put together this group. The three, middle minis and the first one in front in the two-mini row are what Whitney gave me. I liked how there was red in each one; made me think of blood and zombies, ( /)u(\ ) LOL. I added three more to the bunch; when I start my monster socks I can tell you the colorways of the ones from my stash.

For this next group, I put together three of the minis Whitney gave me – the two in front and the one of the mix of purples with the aqua sticking out. I went for blues, purples, and greens because purple and green make me think of Frankenstein.

I am currently trying to decide upon whether to try toe up TAAT or cuff down TAAT. I’m not sure how many rounds I’ll knit from each yarn apple. The rules require us to knit calf-length socks; I guess this is to qualify for prizes. However, I’m debating upon whether to meet the requirements or to just knit no-shows like Rose City Rollers because I generally roll up the cuffs of my pants with flats, sneakers, and Birks unless it’s raining where I then wear my Hunters.

Well, it’s the last day of August and tomorrow September starts. Catch up with you in October! Bye for now.

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