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Episode 1: The Who, The Why, The How


OMGosh, I am excited (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) and nervous (*/∇\*) at the same time to finally launch the first episode of my new, audio podcast!


I created this cover art on Stencil after learning about it through this article. This palm tree is the same one from my blog header, just a different view.

The Plan

  • I’m going to upload each episode here on the blog every month if you’d rather access it here.
  • If you use an app to listen and to subscribe to podcasts, my podcast will be available on other platforms as Anchor distributes it to several of them; because it’s brand new, I’m still waiting for approval for most at this time. I’ll keep you updated when new sites add me in.

Where It’s Available Now

And now, without much further ado, I present to you, Episode 1: The Who, The Why, The How.


I hope you enjoy this audio. I felt a little awkward just talking into my phone; I hope to get better with time. TTYS.

17 thoughts on “Episode 1: The Who, The Why, The How”

  1. Oh OH Oh OH OH . .I LOVE your voice! I liked when you did video podcasts but I felt like i ve missed your VOICE!!!!! AL by the way was a horrible baby. Horrible. Never slept . Like for a year. and we were both working and taking turns staying home so Troy and I were so so tired. Now, I can see why she was so busy busy busy….she was going to be an ER nurse ! Zach was way easier. I loved how you shared so honestly your mommy years. Glad we are friends due to blogs! I will be waiting for your next talking blog!

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  2. 50 mile commute!??!! Yikes!! I can totally relate to having a young child who doesn’t sleep well and who needed/wanted to be held all the time. Mom of two daughters here too! Your kitties sound adorable – love their names. Love that why “…being company for someone.” Thanks for sharing your story!!! I look forward to all of your episodes!! -Stephanie @Edible.Thoughts.Makes

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    1. Thank you, Steph, for your support and visit!!! Yeah, some ppl commute from really far away. Thankfully, my husband has a reverse commute and we live on the same side of the bay as his work.


  3. Okay, I got to listen in one sitting this morning to your podcast
    Marty and Mini are so adorable on Instagram!!!! Im thrilled you love your feline family. Who do they like to sit by? Each other or the girls?
    Also, Your story of your blind Aunt was so interesting to me. There is a blind Student at the barn, and i am challenged when she asks me questions. I love that you share your feelings of isolation and how normal that is for us. Living in a wintery State, there is a need for community so we don’t hide in our houses! Love your honesty Stef. Cant wait for the next one. Maybe I’ll try to make one. I don’t have a knit group right now either. Its not that there isn’t one, but it is far and I don’t like icy farm roads in the winter. ITs a great shop with fun people. I hear there is a group at a nearby library that I may try. So excited for AL to visit your area!


    1. Thank you SO much, Kathy. My great aunt used to have vision but it got worse over time as she got older; she was such a kick and told it like it was and didn’t care what ppl thought. Minnie will come for me for scritches but she can be shy about it. Mortie jumps up onto my lap or the teenager’s. She loves me more, LOL, because she’d rather sit on me than her mama, probably b/c I give good head massages. But the two love to lounge on the tween’s loft bed now. Such princesses they are.


    1. Thank you. I understand; I know I will miss the teen when it’s time for her to go off to college. Yeah, likin the audio better. Hope to find time this week to record episode two; I have five pages of notes already written out!


  4. Really enjoyed learning more about you! You are a natural at audio podcasting….lovely warm voice and so articulate! Can’t wait to find the time to listen to the second episode. I also enjoy multi-tasking and being able to listen to fun podcasts as I go about my daily chores so very excited to have you keep me company 🙂

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  5. Stefanie, I’ve missed you since you took a break at the end of the summer. it’s so fun to hear you! And to learn more about you. Interesting how the school situation works there. And you have to “sell yourself” to buy a home?!? Is this a California thing? So glad you have neighbors you enjoy. I look forward to checking out your future podcasts.

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    1. My kids each have an early dismissal day every week. This past week had PT conferences so my teen had four early days and my tween three. As for buying a home, sometimes the seller just cares about the money and some care who gets the house after them. Thank you for the support!


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