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Episode 2: A Chatty Episode

Note, 11/18, 5:26 pm: Oopsies! In my excitement I forgot to take photos of my WIP’s. I will add them tomorrow; sorry!

Holiday Prep

  • Christmas
  • Thanksgiving

Which Platforms Approved

Knitting Patterns

Yarn Being Used


Book Club Reads

What I’ve Learned about Making Cookies

  • how to measure flour
  • when you forget to take out the butter and eggs
  • what to bake on for less mess
  • choosing the right baking time

Go-To Recipes

Thanks for kickin it with me! Let’s do it again. TTYS.

15 thoughts on “Episode 2: A Chatty Episode”

  1. Stef, first thank you for the SanFrancisco suggestions for Allison. I will email you details.
    -photos for the Holidays….whenever possible. I love getting photo cards. Some years are rough, like last year’s Christmas. Al’s cat Minion died on the 23rd. So we were not too happy and skipped the family card.
    -Good for you for trying toe up socks. I did it once. Maybe you will catch the fever! I have not knit one pair of socks in 2019.
    -I have a definite sweet tooth. I have to just have a bite or so to stay on track with weight management. Cookies are my weakness.
    -Keep up the sound blogs!
    I really enjoy them

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    1. Thank you, Kathy, for the updates on Al’s trip and for sharing your experience to my questions in the podcast. Glad you’re enjoyin it; means a lot to me.


  2. Love this Stef!!! Love cookies here too – great tips. I generally prefer baking recipes that use a food scale because usually there’s less stuff to wash and measurements are more accurate! That mac n cheese recipe is delish!! Your toe up socks are beautiful as are all your WIPs. We also try to get out Christmas cards as early as possible (like end of November, early December). Looking forward to hyoid next episode!!

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    1. Thank you, Steph. I haven’t tried the scale measuring yet; you made a good point about that in terms of mess and accuracy. Yay for another who has the same belief about Christmas cards!


    2. Not sure where “hyoid” came from-I need to spellcheck myself better! “Looking forward to your next episode!”


  3. Hi Stefanie 🙂 Nice to hear your voice again. For Christmas cards, I keep them on my memory board year round. That’s weird about the Pyrex, that has never happened to me! I have many Pyrex dishes. I hope you’re happy with your pie dish! I learned that flour trick too, it really does make a difference in the result of the baked item. Grating butter is a great idea, never thought of that! I learned that anything refrigerated needs to be room temperature for baking, that includes milks, yogurts and creams too. AND…though I’ve been baking for years, I only found out about that THIS year!!! 🙂 Have a happy Thanksgiving!!!


  4. Great podcast Stephanie. I listened last night in bed and fell asleep so went back to it today to where I nodded off! I sewed and listened! Thoroughly enjoyed it all, the book part especially of course. All so professional. Already looking forward to the next month.


  5. Hi lady, I love the wip knitting projects…and great podcast, how fun. I’ve been wanting to crochet socks soon.
    I’m an avid reader and I like both e-books or print but I think I read print books faster.
    Enjoy our week!


    1. I’m sorry to read about your dad’s passing, Kathy. My condolences. No, I haven’t posted lately; was busy working on Christmas card envelope art. Thank you for checking in and hugs.


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