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Paper Play 26

Good afternoon. Does it seem like time is flying by in hyperspeed? Once tennis season ended, I ran right into Thanksgiving and now it’s the week before Christmas! I don’t mean to be absent from here but my mom gig has been keeping me busy.


This card was for an old friend who is all about aloha. This is why I used tropical stamps.

I believe I had sent it to her as a surprise, one that she was extremely thankful for and had posted about on IG.


This card was for Ro, a mid-October baby. I met her at the SF elementary school my kids used to attend before we had moved. Her oldest is as old as the tween.

A few of these pieces, like that bottle cap, are from my first trip to Hobby Lobby up in Elk Grove when our crew had visited the dames’ godparents in late September. I had to stuff this card’s envelope a bit because of how thick the bottle cap was. I was worried USPS’s matchine wouldn’t be able to run it through correctly and send it back to me, but it eventually made its way to her.

I have more cards to make. I just found out from the teenager that she has had her tennis photos for some time now! I plan to make thank you cards for her supporting donors. My kid had the most donors behind her and raised the most this season!

Okie doke, I’m off to police these growing kittens that keep messing with our tree, something that may not even go up next year. I’m seriously thinking of buying a mini, lit tree for the piano so I can at least have the sight of Christmas lights in 2020.

Thanks for droppin by today. BTW, I am going to try to record another podcast this week before everyone’s home for the holiday. TTYS.

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  1. Stef you have a lot going on. IM praying for your family.
    The kittens hahaha. Dont you have a super soaker? You just sit far away with a nice little super soaker gun and when they get to the tree you spray them. The beauty is they don’t know its you doing it. BUY Super soaker. I feel like a terrible Cat mother helper, because I didn’t give you tree tactics
    Another thing you can do is drape an old sheet over a few kitchen chairs. New forts are way more interesting than Christmas trees …that always seem to have rain involved (super soaker) You can also buy bitter apple and I promise you they will NOT go after the branches.
    I love your cards.
    I hope you can enjoy the season, and spend family time . your girls are so lovely

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  2. When we had our son’s cats here for 10 days after Thanksgiving, I went looking for products that might keep them from scratching at furniture.
    I discovered a spray that had lemon and rosemary as offensive scents to cats. Hmmm… I had those essential oils so I made my own little spray with those scents mixed with witch hazel. It worked like a charm. They hated the scent and stayed away from anywhere I sprayed it until it wore off (and it did), but I just resprayed when needed. Another place I used it:
    We have one swivel rocker that one of the cats would climb up into. It nearly freaked me out when I saw her do it because if she did that when I wasn’t in the room I’d have no idea she was in there and I just hate to imagine what could have happened had someone sat in that chair when she was up in there. The next time she approached that chair, I sprayed the base with this lemon/rosemary spray she wanted nothing more to do with that chair. With wooden floors, I wouldn’t be able to spray water into a tree, but a mist of these scents into the lower branches would be very doable. Now, to be really honest, the scent was a bit strong for me, too, but I dealt with it for the short time the cats were here. And it’s possible I didn’t need to use as much scent as I did.

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  3. Holly is two years old and isn’t messing with the tree. At one year old she brought it down but I was one step ahead of her. I put up a smaller tree with non breakable ornaments (and non sentimental ones….). The cats will get better.

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    1. What a good girl she was last Christmas. I hope ours do get better. Mortimer was rude today and kept trying to sniff my neighbor’s dog’s butt; the canine ended up growling at her twice.


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