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Paper Play 28

Hello. This thank you card project has been filling up my days of late. I’ve been feeling a bit like under the guillotine since they’re mostly for those who had generously donated to the teenager’s tennis team and they’ll also double for Christmas gifts where applicable.

Since I can’t in good conscious make a podcast until I get these babies done and mailed off, I wanted to show you here in this post just how much prep can go into one of my card designs.

Step One: Background

I’ve been using my Cuttlebug now that I have dies to play with.

Here you see what had been in progress a few days ago: die cutting on these color-blended pieces (a process in itself) ; this color palette was found here. Note, I only have one die; this means I had to crank out each piece one-at-a-time!

Step Two: Embellishments

In a second set of 17 cardstock pieces, I colored each one a certain color.

I then used these three dies and rolled them out as a set so there’d be 17 sets.

Next up were these hearts:

I ran out to Michael’s yesterday to pick up a gold inkpad and some new, gold embossing powder. However, the Craft Smart inkpad sucked; it was dry and hardly inked up the medium, heart stamp. So I switched to stamping in Versamark and then embossing. The stamp was stamped three times on a few cardstock rectangles, the powder was poured on, they were all heated, and then I fussy cut them out.

Step Three: Sentiment

I bought this gold, speckled cardstock so I could cut out the sentiment. I chose this paper design because it would tie in with the hearts but also provide a contrast.

Aren’t they cute?! I love how I can still make out the word while those gold specks shine through.

I put all the parts in a plastic container. One of the naughty kittens had gotten up onto the table and scattered a few of the dies cuts last night!

I will probably put together the cards at Craft Night Friday. My teenager has been studying hard for her upcoming finals so she and her sister can work on their thank you’s this weekend.

Okie doke! GTG. Early dismissal for the tween and my neighbor’s daughter today. Plus I need to run by the library to pick up my book club hold. Thanks for poppin in and TTYS.

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  1. Whoa! That’s a lot of little details. They are going to be awesome cards, and I’m sure their recipients will appreciate how beautiful they are. I enjoyed seeing some of the different steps in this design, Stef.

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  2. You put a lot of love, and creative energy into these amazing cards. You know I almost NEVER purchase a card. I find the prices just ridiculous. I feel no shame in putting a simple paper heart on a package with :Love Aunti Kathy. But your passion for making these cards must make it really fun to see the one who gets the card !

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  3. Hello Stephanie!!
    I love these cards that you made. They are really beautiful.
    I’m hoping to get more into cardmaking this year. I invested in a Cricut and I am really excited to use it 🙂 Looking forward to seeing more of your creations.
    Have a happy new year!

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  4. Yes it sure takes a lot of work making all those pieces for the cards but they are going to be beautiful and so creative. I had a cuttlebug but gave it to my sister when I gave up card making in favour of quilting. I think both are costly hobbies but so fun and rewarding. Hope those cards are made so podcast thoughts can take place!

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