Popping In

Hi there. How’re you today? Are you under “Shelter-in-Place” where you live?

I’ve decided to blog while I’m still healing from oral surgery (3/6). I had tried to record a podcast beforehand but because I was picky about the quality, I deleted it and in the end, didn’t have time to try another. My surgery was a big one this time around + my recovery had started out rough in terms of pain management. I was supposed to see my oral surgeon a week after but I had fallen getting out of the shower, bruising my driving foot that had swelled up some. Don’t worry, I’m much better – have been off meds and while I still have a nasty bruise, I can walk fine around the house. Then the government stepped in so I still have stitches in my mouth and can’t speak well.

Last Friday our school district decided to close down the schools so this has been the first week the my daughters have been at home. Their dad started telecommunicating from home Tuesday. My teen checks her school website for daily assignments from her teachers; I had to take her by school Monday so she could get her French textbook; I told her, don’t talk to anyone and be in and out. The tween gets School Loop emails for assignments. She created this awesome comic book on ancient Japan for World History:

She used the characters from the show, We Bare Bears, as her main subjects. Her dad and I are so proud of her.

I have been knitting away with Dre Beats headphones on. Spotify has been my companion, making new playlists that will help keep me focused. I will slowly show and tell what I’ve been working on. Oh and Minerva and Mortimer are now one year old as of yesterday! They are no longer kittens. Enjoy the rest of your day. Hope you have found ways to keep calm and balanced. Thanks for dropping by; TTYS.

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  1. Im so thrilled to read your blog post Sorry about your stitches !!! and the fall.

    How can those kitty babies be one? They are wonderful ! Zach got his new kitten today. Friends in Mexico showed him their cats kittens last week of course. Today they delivered him. Oh my word. He is wonderful and cute and all those things!

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  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your oral surgery. The recovery from that is so weird even if it isn’t all that painful. My mouth just felt funny for ages but maybe that’s just me! Glad you’re able to stay home and everything sounds like it’s going well. Sounds like your daughters’ schools are keeping them fairly busy which is nice. We have ancient Japan coming up on our study plan and the Tornado cannot wait! Hope you have a lovely week and no more injuries!


  3. Well crap. I’m surprised they didn’t have you come in to at least get the stitches out. I mean, I guess I can understand why but I’m pretty sure if they stay in too long, they run the risk of infection. Then again, what do I know?

    I wish I were knitting more. Husband set up an office in the garage, I’m working on the couch, Little Man is usually at the dining room table (which is sort of next to me), and Stormageddon is on the couch next to me. Trying to do schoolwork with the boys while trying to work is kind of like eating Oreos while brushing your teeth. So, what would be my knitting time is now my working time and everything is bumped around a bit. But we are trying to make it work.


    1. You have younger ones so you’re attention is much more divided. Mine are at that self-sufficient age and know better since their daddy is home.


    1. Stitches are still in b/c of the shelter-in-place which is all over here. I’m good though; getting used to them. Thank you for the compliment on my tween’s work.

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  4. Somehow I’ve been missing your posts, Stef! I would click on your avatar when you left comments on my blog, but I don’t think I was taken to this page. I kept thinking you weren’t blogging currently. Or I was just confused. I don’t know what was going on on my end, but here you’ve been! So sorry you had a rough spell there with oral surgery and a hurt foot. I’m going to catch up on the rest of your posts and see what your current status is!

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    1. Hi Becki. So I clicked on my avatar photo on a blogspot blog and it took me to my Blogger profile. Then under “Contact Me” it says, “My Web Page” where you’ll then be taken to my blog’s main page. Do you use Bloglovin? I use it to keep track of bloggers who use Typepage and who use Blogspot.


      1. Today I was able to get here by clicking on your avatar to comments left on my blog. I think all is well at this point. I’m really wondering if I was just confused when I came in here and didn’t know what month it was! This lock-down has messed with my mind in other ways, so that wouldn’t surprise me. I’m going to add you to my sidebar on my blog so I can see your new posts. That, or e-mail notifications are my favorite ways to keep up with bloggers I like to visit.


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