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Made For 17

Hello. How is the weather where you live? We had some sun, then some rain, and now it’s just grey skies.

Fellow knittaz, have you bought Must Stash Yarns before? I picked up a skein of Chewie either during her May the 4th Be With You sale or closer to Christmas; I can’t remember.

This is the Perfect Must Match base. The skein is already divided into two, equal skeins and twisted together, ready for you to wind up into yarn cakes.

These TAAT socks are for the husband. He received this yarn for Christmas from me. I thought of it because once in a while, my man complains I never knit anything for him (not true as he has a pair of Rose City Rollers in a Superman colorway in his drawer that he never wears) and he had started getting into amusing sock patterns (ordered from Prime when the weather turned cold for fall).


Now that I’m on the feet, it’s easy knitting. I plan to knit his socks just in Chewie. I really like this colorway and plan to buy Yoda and Boba Fett when Stacy sells her Star Wars stock again.

Off to knit. Thanks for poppin by. TTYS.

16 thoughts on “Made For 17”

  1. Going to great socks. I was going to learn how to knit socks from a friend but now will have to wait till we come out of lock down and then I’ll put my quilting down long enough to do it. Great that you are healing.


  2. That sock yarn is sweet! Lucky hubby 🙂 I wish mine would let me knit him a pair, but he’s not into it for some reason. Maybe if I made him a pair and he felt them? IDK It’s been the same weather here in Gilroy; however, today it actually hailed.


  3. I hope your hubby wears these socks. That colorway is fabulous and will go with many pants colors. It seems I make more socks for my hubby than myself. He wears them all the time.


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