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Made For 18

*boppin to Fergie’s Glamourous on my Girl Sang It playlist* Good morning. How’re you today? Today’s our 13th wedding anniversary! I can’t believe it’s been this many years. No big plans of course with the shelter-in-place which is fine with me. We can celebrate another time; health and safety first.

Are you ready to see another WIP?

Gramps by Tin Can Knits is a popular pattern on Ravelry. I’ve had my eye on it forever. After last Christmas I felt the urge to knit gifts again and so this year’s gave me the perfect excuse to buy the yarn at STITCHES West 2020 and to buy this pattern.

I’m starting on a size 4-6 for my five year old nephew, my brother’s middle child. I’ve finished the raglan increases.

I’m knitting with Stunning String Studio, their Legacy Worsted base which is 100% merino. I had learned about this yarn from Renee who I didn’t get to hang out with this year because we went different days. The colors I’m using are Charcoal, the main color everywhere, and Blue Diamond is for the shawl collar, the buttonbands, the pockets, and the little elbow patches.

When I first started this pattern I did get a bit confused at the directions because it doesn’t actually tell you to slip the markers. I was able to contact the designers, email is faster, and then able to take off knitting on this cardigan.

Okie doke; off to work on my water intake. Thank you for your visits this week. Have a good Wednesday and TTYS.

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  1. Congrats on your wedding anniversary! I think we are coming up on 13 in June…I need to check the math LOL That Gramps sweater is ADORBSSS! I’ve haven’t done much knitting (more crocheting) but I have been stashing away patterns to get on it during this coronacation. Hope all is well with the girls!

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  2. I love the pattern Steph.i’m surprised that tin can knits put out a poorly written pattern i thought they would not make it harder on the knitter I’m not an intuitive knitter so i am lost without very good directions,.


  3. Congrats on the anniversary. The sweater will look adorable in those colors – and I love that yarn!


  4. Going to keep your nephew lovely and cosy one day. Isn’t it a great world where we can now so easily contact designers etc for help when we need it. Congrats on the anniversary, and keep well and safe.


  5. Celebrations are weird in this time of social distancing. Glad yours was fine. A very belated Happy Anniversary to you and your mister. That sweater is adorable, and the yarn you’ve chosen is fun. Your nephew is going to be a charmer in it, for sure.

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