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Made For 19

Good afternoon. How’re you today? Our crew is well; our shelter-in-place has been extended to May 1st and school has been canceled for the rest of the year. The teen and tween continue to receive their assignments electronically and turn them in via Google Classroom.

I’m knitting away, every day as usual:

lightbulb stitch markers mark every 10 rounds

Evidence: progress on the husband’s Chewie. I am almost done with these feet – he’s a size 10; I have about six to eight more rounds to go before I move onto heels. When I reach that phase I’ll switch to DPN’s as I don’t know how to knit that part on two circulars.

Does your husband ask you every day about his WIP? Mine has been recently. I told him I have four to five WIP’s so he better quit or I’ll frog these and use the yarn for something else!

Off to check the cornbread. I hope you are well. Thanks for poppin in. TTYS.

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  1. I am making socks for my daughter right now. Doing the heel on the second sock. I love socks but am ready to do something else for a while.

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  2. I am working on my hubby’s socks too. I love your response to your hubby’s “nagging”. I may have to try that one. LOL. Lick for me, my hubby is a size 8 so not too big of a foot. But mine likes the legs mid calf so the leg takes longer for me to knit. Our schools in AZ have been cancelled through the end of this school year but classes are inline for them. Summer school is also going to be online. Stay well

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  3. Oh I love those light bulb stitch markers. I am knitting away. Today I got to my knitting earlier than usual. Fireman and I cycled for 20 miles in the wind. I got frightened by a car, this time. I Didn’t hear it coming at all, neither did Fireman. When they pass you and you aren’t expecting it, it is scary…..
    Maybe I should try trails. This rode riding aint for sissy’s AND he bought me a rear view mirror. But my hearing is bad, I won’t wear my hearing aides while I ride, for fear of losing them. So I hear wind. Im going to try a trail!

    How are your kittens? Our neighbors cat, big surprise , is not fixed. She and our other neighbors cat who sprays my shed, got together a bit ago . IN our driveway , so it drove my cats NUTS. Thank you Flyway plug in and motion activated sprinkler …..
    And guess what, they yelled up the hill that their BOO is pregnant and they are thrilled…………
    just what we need more kittens, puppies, dogs and cats that need homes.


    1. Oh boy, kitten city coming to your town. Mortie and Minnie are very curious about the outdoor cats that come through. Our neighbor’s cat (3 outdoor cats but fixed because the daughter’s dogs live inside) which is fixed, she is old but super territorial and even batted our sliding doors when M&M looked at her.


  4. Love how those socks are knitting up!!! My husband doesn’t ask because he seems to get that I have several works in progress going on simultaneously all the time but I probably should dedicate a little more time to his socks. haha! Glad you’re all doing alright!!!~Stephanie

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  5. I’ve not made anything more complicated than a scarf here or there for hubs, and either I didn’t tell him while I was making it, or he wasn’t overly curious. I’d say I normally crochet or knit in relative peace over when I finish anything.

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