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Notebook of a Beginner Sewist 6

Good evening. How was your Hump Day today? Mine was very productive.

What kind of meals have you been making? Are you limited in what ingredients you can find at the stores? The husband has been utilizing for our food. For lunch I usually make the crew baked potatoes and corned beef hash (can) along with veggies (steamed or boiled). For dinner of late, we’ve been having rice and beans with meat and veggies. My daughters are extremely happy, especially the tween, since they don’t have to buy food at the school cafeteria.

I recently (yesterday) dusted off my sewing machine because the husband had to go back into work today (every Wednesday for a few hours each). I wanted him to wear a face mask.

fabric: Super Hero Blue, Riley Blake Designs

I used the pattern by Dana of MADE Everyday. I chose hers because it was from her that I had learned how to make and sew a zipper pouch. Her tutorials are easy to follow and there is an insert for a filter to be placed in the mask if you like; she gives several suggestions that she’s learned about from others.

Today I made three more for me and the girls:

I had them go through my fabric stash and pick out two prints.

the backs

Can you guess which one is mine ^__^?

I plan to make my man another one in some cute Avenger fabric and try knit ties as I’ve used up all the skinny elastic. He gave me an old t-shirt of his to cut up.

Off to clean up the kitchen. Have a good night and TTYS.

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  1. I was just getting ready to make my menus for the coming 10 days. We are lucky and have plenty of meat in our freezer as well as frozen veggies. So I don’t usually need much from the store other than perishable items. Your meals sound yummy too. I too am making masks. I have 6 completed (3 for each of us) and want to make 4 more (2 for each of us) That should keep us good for a while. I assume the black mask with the HP glasses is yours? Very cute material.

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  2. Good on you, I’ve seen so many quilters making masks in the USA. Making them with personal choice of fabric makes them cute. Just been over to look at the pattern to see how it works on a person! We don’t have to wear masks and I only go out for a walk and that’s about it while we are in lockdown.


  3. We have been finishing house projects. Yesterday we finally finished painting our kitchen! I was so exicted! I have been painting waaaaay to long lol. Not my favorite thing to do. I am out of paint now, so until we may venture out again, I am happily putting the lid of that project. Now on to finishing my sock!


  4. Stef, I just love your posts! Your mask is…the middle one!???
    Food: Just not very hungry lately. This is the awful truth; PB2 powdered peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, a Special K protein bar, orange juice, milk, toast…
    What am I 4????

    I love your masks. I don’t sew but I found elastic and Betsy needed some so I mailed it to her yesterday. WE don’t really go out. But IF we pick something up we wear bandannas and have them put it in our truck bed.

    Kitten photos are always fun for me…Steph…hint hint

    How is Hawaii doing with the virus?


  5. We are cooking like normal as luckily most ingredients haven’t been too difficult to find. Meat can be tricky but can usually be found with some searching (not my searching – my husband has been nominated to be the food searcher). The only thing we can’t find is flour so I’ve had to cut baking back which is probably best given how much I want to snack. I love the face masks. I found some N95 masks that I had bought years ago to tackle dusty projects that I’ll probably wear next time I have to leave the house but yours look way cuter and way more comfortable!


    1. We have a box of N95 but are saving them for when the air gets bad from wildfires; that season is coming up soon here in the Bay Area. The last two years have been bad.


  6. We’ve been okay keeping our groceries stocked, so my cooking has been rather normal. With the exception that I’ve stopped planning my meals ahead of time. Not sure why because it sort of drives me a little crazy, but I’ve adjusted to it. We certainly are not eating out like we used to.

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  7. It’s mid-April when I’m commenting, but I’d say the stores have gotten to the point where they’re fairly well stocked. There are sections here and there that seem wiped out when I’m shopping, but either it’s stuff I don’t normally buy, or it wasn’t on my list, so I haven’t felt it, really. Hearing that meat prices will likely rise (or disappear from grocery fridges) due to processing plants closing down makes me very glad I’ve bought meat on sale and my freezer is stocked. We’ll be fine ’till summer, and frankly, we’d do better to eat less meat, anyway. If I took my own advice there, I probably have enough meat to last us well past summer.


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