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28 Knit for Me

Good afternoon. How’re you today? Well my belly’s happy after being filled with spuds, hash, and peas, LOL. And thankfully our WiFi is back up; the husband was somewhat worried he’d not get a lot of work done and have to deal with Comcast instead.

It’s been a quite a while since I’ve shown this WIP. I found an old photo of it and only had seven, mitered squares knitted. Now I’m up to fifteen!

The first row of my Cozy Memories blanket consists of 14 squares. I plan to make a lap blanket.

This first picture of the slideshow is the Harry colorway by Nomadic Yarns. This square starts the second row. I hope to have a Harry Potter row. I know I have nine more Harry Potter-inspired yarns to knit up:

  • leftovers from the teen’s socks
  • two, mini skeins
  • four leftovers from my Purlbreak
  • two, new colorways from this past Christmas

It’ll certainly be fun to knit up this second row. I guess I’ll have to buy four, more HP yarns to fill up that row, eh? ^__^

Oh and before I forget, hey, Kathy B, as requested:

Minerva/Minnie: a dining table chair is always a favorite spot for this tuxedo cat
Mortimer/Mortie/MoMo/baby panther: she wanted to be higher than her older sister of course

Thanks for dropping by. TTYS.

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  1. LOL at Mortimer wanting to be higher than Minerva. And my how they’ve grown!!! How fun to knit up a blanket reminding you of fun yarns you’ve used. 🙂

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