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Cross Stitch VII

Good evening to you. It’s pretty much the same ol’ here with the following exceptions:

  1. It’s been the week of spring break.
  2. The husband didn’t have to go into work.
  3. The teen had a Zoom session with her AP Euro class to review document-based writing for the upcoming AP test.
  4. I finished a hecka funny, modern-day romance: The Bromance Book Club by Lyssa Kay Adams – I LOL’d many times to the point where sometimes I had to wipe away tears!
  5. I am all caught up on your posts; woo hoo for having speed reading skills!
  6. My honey decided to try Instacart so our Costco delivery came today.

Him: Food disappears fast around here.

Me: Your daughters eat like grown adults now.

Did you try something new this week? Pls share if you did.

I sprained or pulled something in my left hand and wrist some time ago. It feels like I have a bit of tendonitis also. Washing heavy pots and pans irritates the muscles as I usually rotate those parts forward when emptying out the soapy water and trying to rinse the cookware. In addition, these areas got irritated again from all the daily knitting I’ve done since 3/6 so I decided to rest them and switch to a different craft:

pattern: Glitter Village by Country Cottage Needleworks

I bought this pattern last year when my husband drove me up Alameda to the needleworks store I had wanted to check out. It was sweet of him because I had originally planned on going myself one Friday, but he took me since he was off and because he knew I’d get lost. It actually was tricky finding the small strip mall by the water so I was thankful the man drove.

I bought this 18 count, Aida fabric from Etsy. I didn’t want to cross stitch on the typical white one and thought this color – a hand-dyed charcoal – would show off the design well. I’m so glad I have my magnifying lamp because man, the count is hard to see with my own coke bottle eyesight!

Oh and I happened to research, “converting linen to aida,” on Google recently. Many cross stitchers love to use linen; the count for this kind of fabric is high, like 32. I used to think if I wanted to switch to Aida, it was an equal transfer, however, I got that so wrong – read here (very helpful) if you’re interested.

It’s 5:36 pm here, time to figure out dinner, grumble grumble. Thanks for droppin by. TTYS.

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  1. I love hearing what’s up on your end of the country!! Sorry you are injured!!! Deb, in Maryland always has a cute stitch going. I love to see what you all do.
    I tried to use old mattress cotton and vaseline as fire started and it worked.
    I posted a video to Facebook to encourage organ donation today. I don’t think I’ve ever succeeded with a video before!

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  2. What a sweet cross stitch. I hope the change if craft helps your hand and wrist. I am gonna look for that book. I love books that can make my eyes water from laughter. Hopefully I can find it on my overdrive library. I keep forgetting Costco will deliver. I might just give that a go when I need more than 1 item from the store. We were pretty well stocked when the stay home order came. Stay well.


  3. I keep meaning to pick up my cross-stitching! I have some patterns i designed I want to stitch. My mom stitches on linen and it is such a nice fabric. I hate counting though and that’s probably why I have yet to convert. That’s a cute pattern!

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  4. So sorry you’re injured and especially that it’s in your wrist. That makes everything so much harder. I have tendinitis in my ankle but while it can be annoying it doesn’t prevent me from doing all that much (and is frequently a good excuse to be lazy!). I need to add the Bromance Book Club to my TBR. It sounds fun!

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  5. That dyed Aida is beautiful, Stef. And thanks for reminding me I need to look for some cross stitch cloth for a project I’m wanting to start. I hadn’t thought to look on Etsy. I hope your wrist gets to feeling better soon! It’s so discouraging when doing the things we love to do hurts, or makes our joints and tendons sore. I’ve been struggling a bit with a sore shoulder. I truly do not want to have to go through physical therapy, so I keep massaging and trying to work out whatever it is. I keep hoping it finally gets back to normal. Normal, meaning I can knit or do anything really without it reminding me I’m now old and owies don’t just get better with time. ;^)

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  6. I’ve been cross stitching too!! I used to do it years ago when I has strong young eye sight. Now that I have progressive lens I can see pretty good and doing something different has been fun for me 🙂 Love your charcoal fabric.

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