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Made For 20

Hello. How’re you this Sunday? I can’t believe it’s almost 5 pm here, PST. I have no idea where the day went. I made myself wipe down the bathrooms, the kitchen sink, and the counters after my workout. I showered, had a snack and tea break, and then proceeded to make a late, easy lunch for our crew.

pattern: The Cooler Side of Warm by Espace Tricot

I am just about done with this WIP. I have to bind off the top edge and will be using Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off. I think I’ll even block it this weekend as we’re going to supposedly have an 80° Saturday.

I can’t say enough how this is such an easy knit. If you need to knit any birthday or holiday gifts this year, this pattern is the one for you.

Thank you for the recent visits. The count today is off the charts and absolutely mindblowing! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. TTYS.

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  1. Stef,
    I just faved COOLER SIDE OF WARM. Look like and awesome gift knit. !!!

    California sounds like they are doing lots right for virus to stop in its tracks! I heard a data man say, LA is doing well because it is one car, one person. new York is all about mass transit. That just leads to too many fingers pushing buttons and not enough places to wash hands!

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    1. I guess so. I get local emails that are usually about the death count in the county which make me anxious so I delete them immediately. In our town there is a drive up/walk up testing center run by firemen I think.


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