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Made For 21

Good afternoon. How’re you this Tuesday? My belly is happy after having a round scoop of ice cream with chocolate sauce on it! I was like a little kid and scraped the bottom of my cup numerous times with my spoon to get all the sauce ^__^. Mmm-mmm!

Yesterday I finished the feet portion of my husband’s Chewie:

It took 84 rounds to reach the required, 3″ short of his feet length. I’m glad I started toe-up! Next up will be the gussets; this next stage of alternative increasing will be knitted on these two circulars.

I hope your day has been smooth and productive in ways that make you feel good and happy. Thanks for poppin by. TTYS.

12 thoughts on “Made For 21”

    1. I had started knitting toe up because it always seemed the feet take the longest to knit and played with my mojo. However I didn’t like the typical heel options for toe up as I have a high instep. Slip stitch heels fit me best and after not liking one pattern, I found one that worked out well for my Fall socks.


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