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29 Knit for Me

Good afternoon. What’s goin on today? I am resting my left wrist and elbow again (day two). I’ve been trying to ice those spots. I knitted for two days and then the tendonitits flared up.

This WIP was the main culprit. One-third of the yarn has been used. I had gotten in 26 rows, finishing nine repeats of the 20-row pattern. Knitting will be slower on this piece as you can see how the edge on the needles is long and will just get longer as I go.

Off to sip my Meyer lemon tea and read the cozy mystery. Thanks for droppin by; TTYS.

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  1. Well rather. Tendonitis is not a knitters friend. Could you knit another way other than PK? Wait, nope, you still need that left wrist no matter how you knit. Enjoy your book.

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  2. Oh Stef,

    Im so sorry . I don’t like when my overuse injuries rise up…just during a time when I need to knit! That shawl is so lovely.
    Zach is still able to play tennis . They play outdoors and there are 5 of them and they do not touch each other’s stuff. Even the balls are labeled. I think it is keeping him sane!

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  3. Lovely knitting! I wanted to tell you I had tendonitis in my wrist in 2016 and I had a wrist brace that limited movement and it helped with the pain along with prednisone and painkillers. (probably from RA flare as well) Rest it up and do something that doesn’t make it hurt 🙂 Good luck.


  4. I hope the cozy mystery was good. So annoying getting over use injury from our hobbies. I have back/front ribs one from quilting I think. Looking forward to when we can move about and I can get some guidance from a physio.

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  5. Meyer lemon tea sounds fabulous! And tendinitis is really the worst. I have it in my ankle and my husband has it in his elbow. I’m better at resting it then he is (and I think an ankle is easier to rest then an elbow or wrist) but it’s still annoying because you really need to rest for a couple of days after it feels better and even then it’s dicey. Hope things start feeling better soon and I love the color of your WIP!


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