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30 Knit for Me

Good afternoon. My tummy is hungry! Is yours? Gonna start cooking soon. Baked potatoes are already sizzlin in the oven and butta will be coating a pan so some corn beef hash will be able to crisp up at the edges and we’ll get some of those crispy scrapins from the pan.

My Boy Lollipop by Nancy Ricci

I restarted this project again around March 7th. The first attempt resulted in a garment that could have been a little bit bigger. So I frogged it all and made a swatch.


  1. I cast on a smaller size for the neckline with a US 3/3.25mm
  2. When I had to start the neckline increases I changed circulars to a US 7/4.5mm and then increased up to the actual size I want.

Fingers crossed I get a tighter neckline and this garment fits my body better. However, I’ve lost weight during the first month after surgery so now I don’t know if it’ll be looser…sigh. I’m at the point where I need to put the sleeves on waste yarn.

Off to stir pots. Have a good day. TTYS.

14 thoughts on “30 Knit for Me”

  1. Hi :). I missed some posts must be. What surgery?

    I just frogged a lace scarf I had started. I just knew this one spot would always bug me so I might as well start again. So happy I did.

    Take care!

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  2. I’m constantly hungry these days. One of the consequences of quarantine I think. I’m impressed by your patience for your WIP. I’m bad about getting frustrated with something that isn’t perfect and giving up vs taking the time to fix it the way I want it to be.


  3. We had ziti tonight for supper (ziti that I had made double of and frozen back in January). And a wonderful salad. It felt good to have a real treat of a meal and not have to work at it. And there are leftovers for lunch tomorrow! Your speckled yarn is terrific looking!

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    1. I really like this colorway of Seismic Yarns. She is a friend in the Bay Area and many of her colorways are inspired by San Francisco.


    1. I am good, Karen. Our shelter-in-place has been extended to the end of May so no seeing my oral surgeon yet to clip out the remaining stitches.


    1. We had a 6 lb, 11 oz can of corn beef hash! When E ordered it we thought we’d be getting several 10 Oz cans 😂. He also got me an industrial sized bag of flour. I had to use 3 cereal containers and one square one so I could put it all in the fridge so those weevils don’t develop in the flour.


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