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31 Knit for Me

Aloha. How’s it? Any baking plans today? The cookies were gone days ago and the four of us have finished off the last of the carrot cake. Man, cream cheese frosting rocks! I’m trying to decide what to bake next.

I’ve added a few more squares to my Cozy Memories blanket:

This second row, as you may remember, is my special, Harry Potter row. I only had Harry by Nomadic Yarns on there then. Here’s what’s been added:

  • Slither Inn by Oink Pigments, Nimbus base
  • House of Ravenclaw II by Forbidden Fiber Co., Pride LF base

Currently, Vault 713 (Forbidden Fiber Co., Pride LF) is being knitted up.

Okie doke, off to start some sewing. I’m in the mood to put together something simple. I’ve been finding new pieces of 1/2 a yard of fabric around the house from previous trips to Joann. I think I’ll make a project bag or maybe make one more mask for the husband – finally this past week ppl noticed his cool, comic fabric.

Enjoy the rest of your day. TTYS.

14 thoughts on “31 Knit for Me”

  1. Oh I want to see hubby’s mask! You probably already showed us. I will look back! i just cannot bake well. We have some horribly fantastic bakeries in lake geneva we bought a slice of flourless chocolate cake today, and some big cookies (Oat meal raised and Peanut Butter) . They will bring it to the car I figure it is kind of costs, but ingredients are not cheap these days either!!!

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  2. Trying to get my sourdough starter ready to use for the first time. Love the memory blanket. How long do you think it will take to make it the size you want?


  3. That knitting of squares looks like it will be a wonderful memories blanket. I saw a guy (in a photo) wearing a mask of the same fabric as his shirt which was rather cool.


  4. Cream cheese frosting is the best frosting hands down! I was going to make cheese wafers today but the day got away from me. Tomorrow though it is happening! And I have a lemon bundt cake in my future. All the Harry Potter wools are amazing! It will make such a fabulous blanket.

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  5. Oooh… Cream Cheese frosting, filling, just about anything, totally rocks! I got the urge to make some chocolate chip cookies yesterday. We soooo didn’t need them, but they are soooo good.

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