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Notebook of a Beginner Sewist 7

Good evening. How’re you today? I can’t believe it’s Hump Day already and 5:20pm PST. The girls and I oinked out on tempura shrimp earlier and they just put out the bins for tomorrow’s pick up.

So I’ve been playing with fabric. I went through my fabric bin and pulled out pieces to wash and iron so they’d be ready when I need them.

This was the first project I made about two days ago:

Dimensions: 10 and 1/4″ tall x 11″ wide, 3″ boxed bottom

I remembered how much I had loved the one I had made for the tween’s 6th grade teacher two years ago. Like hers, I made sure to center the main print on both sides. With mine, the sizing is larger.

I was rusty making this zipper pouch. I had to refresh my memory on how to layer the pieces and on what was the best way to use a zipper foot. I did rip out seams at least once for the zipper. For the topstitching, at least twice as I didn’t like how it looked – my perfectionism.

Notes to Myself

  1. part of the zipper foot actually rests on top of the zipper
  2. the placement of the sewing needle needs to be adjusted so it’ll go in and out of that square hole area
  3. when topstitching, use a longer stitch length; I found 4 gave me the aesthetic I wanted

Last night I made another one:

I had bought these 1/2 yards of Peanuts fabric from Joann last year during one of the 20% sales. Watching “A Charlie Brown Christmas” is a must each December and I have always loved Snoopy.


  • 14 and 1/2″ tall
  • 15″ wide
  • 4″ boxed bottom

There are two reasons why I made a large, project bag:

  1. I didn’t want to waste any fabric.
  2. I wanted one big enough to house my upcoming, new project.
Knit Picks Brava Worsted in Orange, Cornflower, & Coral

I was in the mood to hook a blanket for our couch because several crafters are hooking ones in leftover yarns right now. My mama helped me choose these colors. She said I didn’t have to match the exact colors in our living room which are shades of grey, black, white, shades of blue, and a spicy red wall + natural, unfinished wood.

I plan to use this pattern and have had it bookmarked for some time. However, I’m also thinking maybe a corner-to-corner blanket. I need to see what’s on Ravelry though. I don’t want a complicated stitch which is why I thought of the Granny stitch. I made one long ago but it was the kind where the Granny stitch went around and around like a square. I’d rather crochet rows.

Off to peruse Rav. Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday. Thanks for dropping by. TTYS.

20 thoughts on “Notebook of a Beginner Sewist 7”

  1. Great bag!!! Zippers would confuse me i’m sure. I have the seamstress in town do that to baby items that need zippers.

    Maybe take a look at She has crocheted many beautiful blankets……:)


  2. I remember when you made the bag (from the same fabric) for your daughter’s teacher. Very cute print. The thing that puts me off making a project bag is the zipper. But I watched a youtube video recently and she made it look so easy. One of these days…


    1. I didn’t pick out mine. My mom had gotten the teenager it when we had first moved east five years ago because she was taking a sewing class via Park & Rec. Mine is Brother Project Runaway Limited or Special Edition. I know there are many brands around. One sewist commented how Brother makes lots of things and may have more tutorials?


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