Baking, Cake, Cookies

Baking, one

the husband picked up these for me yesterday on his way home

Hi there. What’s cookin? I have spuds in the oven and am heating up the wok to warm up some stir fry vegetables before I add the sauce recipe I found on Pinterest.

Baking is on my agenda today. What? Not sure; maybe the usual or something new. Last week I had more of a sugar flow:

Nestle’s Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookies

My husband raved about these for some reason. He had asked if I had done anything different and I told him, nope, same ol’ recipe. My honey really liked the size and how it was softer in the center.

We also had a whole bunch of carrots in the frig so of course I wanted to make a dent in them. I told the man-of-the-house that I couldn’t make carrot cake without cream cheese frosting so he ordered some cream cheese bars:

Oh boy was it good and the frosting came out perfectly! It was super moist too without crushed pineapple. I have yet to make carrot cake with that particular ingredient.

Before I sign off, an early Happy Mama’s Day to my fellow, American mums. Any special plans? Me?

  • Facetime with my mama & the dames
  • hit the treadmill for 70 minutes
  • treat my face to a charcoal mask
  • watch the new season of The Good Witch
  • oink out on Von’s Chicken
  • & hopefully knit + cross stitch

Okie doke. Off to figure out the rest of my day. Thank you for poppin in. TTYS.

10 thoughts on “Baking, one”

  1. Hmmmmm carrot cake. One of our faces. I have never made it though. The cookies look good too. Love them soft in the middle. Your Mother day plans sound perfect. Our plans are still up in the air.


    1. I’ve made a two-layer, carrot cake once for the husband for one of his birthdays. It was a recipe by Nordstrom and it was moist and good. I made these sheet bars b/c it was easier to frost.


  2. Stephanie,

    I think your posts reflect your love of your role as a mother to your beautiful girls. My husband LOVES carrot cake. The more stuff in it the better. I have read that you can use baby carrot food and it works great in cakes???
    My family likes a very doughy chocolate chip cookie . I just want the dough. My propensity for this delicacy, started by licking the beaters years ago, when it was a real treat!!
    Have fun knitting todaY!


    1. 😂 I remember licking the beaters back in the day. You are very sweet, Kathy. Thank you. Yeah, I saw one recipe that used baby food.


  3. Okay… I confess I’m sitting here with an empty glass that held milk, and a “crumbly” plate that had Chocolate Chip Cookies on it just a few minutes ago. There must be something in the air. I LOVE Carot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting, though I’ve never had it with pineapple (to my knowledge). I think I’d prefer it without, to be honest.

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  4. Yum carrot cake! And definitely can’t be made without cream cheese frosting. I’ve been craving baked goods lately and carrot cake would definitely hit the spot. Hope you have a great week!


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