Cats, Mortimer and Minerva

Mortimer & Minerva 8

Some feline amusement for your Hump Day. Mortimer and Minerva are now 13 months, 22 days old.

The ironing board is a common place for space dominance:

Such a little queen MoMo is:

First time I saw her sleep in a funny position:

Made herself at home here one day of course:

What amuses you most about your pet? Or about any animal if you don’t have pets at home?

10 thoughts on “Mortimer & Minerva 8”

  1. Oh I love the cat posts. I am ashamed to say that we rarely iron ANYTHING. Your board and all the ironed prints looks so clean and lovely. Of course the cats want to sit there!
    Yesterday Bo, in a FaceTime chat, destroyed a roll of toilet paper . Zach was laughing.

    Pie amuses me the most of our cats. She is such a tiny thing with a huge personality. I love when she sits with me (i lean forward on chairs) every morning while I read my emails. She talks and talks!!She is the first to know if we are upset about anything

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  2. As I’m typing my cat has jumped up on my lap and promptly gone to sleep so I guess I’ll be awake for a bit longer! They’re so cute! My grandmother had a black cat who was such a character that I’m always drawn to them but they’re both so cute!


  3. aren’t they cute and growing so fast! Holly likes to creep into the dog zone to look out some windows that have birds. Frodo doesn’t come out much to chase her unless he sees her.


  4. We haven’t had a pet for many years. Though watching my son’s cats after Christmas I have to say, watching them look out of the windows was very entertaining (especially when they sat side by side and their heads would move in unison watching whatever caught their attention – usually birds). And finding them in sweet positions when sleeping was pretty endearing…

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