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Cross Stitch VIX

Hello. How’re you today? TGIF! Pretty much the same ol’ here. My teenager had her very first, official, AP European History test Wednesdaty. She had to log in at 12:30pm and start at 1. The dame felt she got the hardest question than compared to what her other friends got – everyone received a different one; hers was about Napoleon; she said there was only one chapter on him in the book. I think C did well on it thought. She won’t hear her results until July.

What was for lunch? The four of us had baked spuds, with smoky beans, spinach & cheese ravioli, and peas. To top off the OMAD were brownie bars, requested yesterday afternoon by the husband. Hot dog they were chocolatey good! I put in chopped walnuts, wanted by my mister; I was worried they might dry out the brownies since I wasn’t substituting or decreasing any of the chocolate chips, but nope, they were totally fine.

It's so cute, right?!

Remember this design (Trick or Treat Couple) by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery? I finished it months ago, probably by last fall. I had it tucked away so the felines wouldn’t get to it. I pulled it out from my needlework bag and was determined to finish it off.

I had the idea to make it into a pillow, one that I could take out with my other little, Halloween decor every October.

I found Halloween fabric in my stash for the backing. I measured 1″ all around the design and used a rotary cutter to cut off the excess, Aida cloth. I then cut out a piece of the printed fabric in the same size.

Matching right sides together, I sewed all around the four sides with a 5/8″ seam allowance and left open a 3″ gap. Polyester fiber fill was stuffed inside and then I handsewed the gap closed via the invisible ladder stitch.

I wish I had trim but well, with this shelter-in-place still in effect here in the Bay Area, I didn’t want to obsess over the need for it as I know it would further procrastinate the finishing of this piece. I may poke around now for trim I can whipstitch to the outer seams.

I love this FO very much! I so want to make another. I’m determined now to finish the Cottage Country Needleworks design. I’ve made progress on that too.

Thanks for poppin by. TTYS.

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