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Baking, two

Good afternoon. How is your Monday going?

Mine has improved; my sinus headache is fading and the short, bloody nose stopped. I have on my new compression sleeves and gloves; I realized all the irritating pain I’ve been having is because I didn’t have any support when I forgot to wear my old sleeves for a few days, ones that have gotten loose. I know I do need to see a doctor but I’m waiting for our shelter-in-place to stop. Spotify is on, playing Korean OSTs – some nice background music keeping me company.

I’ve been itching to try out this Wilton donut pan I had bought one Michael’s sale. Yesterday I decided to try Baked Chocolate Donuts by Live Well Bake Often.

Don’t these look good? I didn’t grease my pan like the recipe said to because it’s supposed to be nonstick. This first batch I had to gently pry and shimmy each donut out. When I made two more donuts from the leftover batter, these broke apart as they were hard to get out.

I let them cool down as I had to make our OMAD and needed a short break after that. I made the glaze, using less powdered sugar.

And while they were still wet, I shook out pink sprinkles that I knew would show up prettily against the dark, chocolate glaze.

Like her recipe says, these are cake donuts so they do taste like cake. The ingredients are easy to whip together quickly and bake off. I would definitely make these again. The crew gobbled down their donuts yesterday and we shared the last one today at lunch.

Okay, off to try another Granny stripe pattern. This is my third try which is hopefully the charm! Enjoy the rest of your day. Thank you for all of your recent visits. TTYS.

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    1. Thank you for asking. OMAD is going well. I’ve been fasting 18:6 now as we don’t eat until between 2-3 or after 3. All I have to do is cook one big meal so that’s easier on me as well.


  1. Yum!! We made chocolate cupcakes today for one of my Grands birthday. Must be something in the air about chocolate :).

    Have fun!

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  2. Well now I need a donut pan! It’s been on my wishlist but those look amazing! I’m glad your sinus headaches are fading away and your arms are feeling better. It’s amazing how little things like sleeves being just a bit loose can make such a difference. I braved the doctor last week for my headaches and it’s been such a relief but still a bit nerve wracking.


  3. Your yummy blog is hard on my appetite for sweet things. These look pretty amazing. A donut is the perfect size for satisfying a sweet tooth, I’m thinking.


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