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Aloha. Howz it? I finally can sit down and work on today’s post after cleaning up the kitchen of traces of our OMAD (corn tortillas, rice, pan-fried pork chops, and diced veggies + a big, chocolate chip cookie).

Third time’s the charm worked out for this crochet blanket. I tried two patterns and didn’t like how they were a bit vague in places, especially when it came to the edges. I’m not an experienced hooker, always having to refresh my memory of techniques – like what does it mean to start in the fourth stitch from the hook?

After hunting around more on Ravelry, I finally found this pattern: The Granny Stripe – Stitch Tutorial by Lullaby Melodia. It’s to the point with pictures, suiting my expectations.

Quick Deets

  • I used an I (5.5 mm) hook to chain.
  • I’m using a G (4.0 mm) hook to double crochet stitches; I forgot in previous tries that a foundation chain comes out tighter. I probably could have even gone down to an F hook for DC’s but I wasn’t in the mood to start this project for a fifth time!
  • Chained 210, which measures out to about 57.25″.

I am very pleased with how this blanket is coming out. You recall the yarn I had shown here. I love these three colors and how they show up stacked upon one another.

Okay, off to work on something. I did try a little knitting yesterday on E’s socks. My new compression sleeves and gloves helped immensely. I’m itching to finish my cross stitch so I can have fun finishing it. That may be my focus today. Have a good one and TTYS.

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  1. Stef, I’ve tried to catch up and I’ve thought I’ve read everything, but I’m wondering if I’ve missed you writing about the need for compression sleeves and gloves. Of course, you don’t have to share if you don’t want to, but I’m curious what’s up? I’m glad the gloves help you with crocheting.

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    1. No worries. I used to have tendonitis in my right elbow. It got better. Now it’s the left wrist and elbow. I know from washing and turning out the water from my heavy, stainless steel pots I strained a muscle in my left hand and wrist and after knitting all day every day after my oral surgery it got worse.


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