Baking, Pie

Baking, three

Hello. How’re you today? I’m heating up the oven even though it’s 84° out. Our Bay Area is expecting a heat wave of 90’s for the next, four days.

Do you like pie? My honey loves pie; he said back in his bachelor days he would go to Safeway and buy two pies for dinner! Yesterday the husband put together my new apple peeler. I had bought it at a Pampered Chef party my neighbor had hosted last year. Yes it sadly sat in its box for that long. You can see the video here of him trying it out on a Granny Smith apple.

Isn’t it neat how these apples came out? The peeler also cores and slices the apple. All I had to do was cut each one in half and I had thin slices to separate. What a time saver! I used Natasha’s Kitchen recipe.

I have to admit here that I had crust issues. I used the recipe for the pumpkin pie I had made last year, twice – having two, separate bowls. I knew though, when gathering the dough together there were issues. Each seemed a bit dry and the dough would split in places when trying to form a disc. I think this happened because I didn’t cut up the butter into more and into better pieces for even distribution.

When I rolled out the crusts (forgot I needed a rolling pin so used a water bottle), I couldn’t get it thin enough. So the bottom one was short in the pie plate and the lattice strips thick. I used leftover pieces to doctor up the gaps before pinching the crust’s edging.

However, thankfully we have a sturdy, workhorse oven. The lattice crust looks like it baked well last night. Our crew couldn’t try it last night since fasting starts at 8pm but, we’re minutes away from digging into it today! Fingers crossed I done good on this pie.

On a side note, after taking this pie out of the oven I immediately went on Prime and ordered a stainless steel rolling pin that has these thickness discs and that comes with a pastry mat. As I plan to make more pie in the future, I need the right tools, right?

Okie doke, off to put together my tea. Have a good Sunday. TTYS.

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  1. Stef

    Any pie crust is great pie crust. Its the only part of the pie I eat. Unless it is a frozen chocolate cream pie. I think you done good! and I forgot Mort was a girl supposedly! Now Zach is calling Bo, Billy. Which I LOVE and wanted from the get go bc of the goat on her forehead. She’s recovering well from surgery. I’m on the porch. ITs time to relax. I love this time of day. 7 or so. Dishes done, Sheets on the bed…..knitting in hand

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  2. Your crust looks delicious! I made crusts last week and bombed on a whole wheat one. So sad. Made a second one with regular ol’ flour and it worked pefectly. Made a two crusted chicken pot pie and even had enough dough left over to make a small chocolate meringue pie. I’d never made one before. Wish I’d thought to take a picture. As much as I like cream pies, I don’t dare make them very often at all as it’s just the two of us and we’d feel compelled to eat them all up. Nobody to share a pie with at the moment.

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      1. The meringue was the easiest part – I didn’t realize how easy it is. Seriously… even making the chocolate filling from scratch wasn’t hard. I’d love a Coconut Cream pie with meringue topping. Oh man… I’m wanting to make another pie now. I mustn’t. I truly mustn’t.

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  3. Oh that pie looks amazing! I don’t make my own crust anymore. I used to but one time I needed to make a pie it was a really crazy day and I knew I just didn’t have time to mess with finicky crust so I bought a Pillsbury crust (the kind that comes in the box that you roll out). My husband who didn’t know this had happened made a huge deal about how good the crust was and said it was the best I’d ever made. I haven’t made a crust since then!

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