Baking, Donuts

Baking, four

Aloha. How’re you today? The dames and I Facetimed with my parents and paternal grandmother; it’s her, I want to say 97th, birthday today. She lives in the city in an upper apartment. It’s around 78° (I’d totally take this temp.) there so she’s trying to keep cool as heat rises.

Speaking of temperatures, are you trying to keep cool like we are here in the east bay? We have had two days of 90-somethings. Today was 91° but now it’s slowly lowering. Our AC kicks in if the house goes above 75°.

I was going to blog about my cross stitch today but yesterday I made more donuts with some green lemons. The recipe said it’d make six but I think if I didn’t fill the pan slots too high, there would have been more:

This is the bottom side where you can tell they’re not quite even. The batter was just about up to the top for each one.

However, the other side was pretty:

These donuts were lighter than the chocolate ones I had made last time. With the glaze, there was definitely tang and even though the lemons weren’t ripe, this dessert still tasted good. I think I need to buy another pan so I can make a dozen at a time!

Mahalo for the all the compliments on my first apple pie. Our ohana oinked out, eating half one day and polishing it off the next day! My husband was so happy and after I had posted it on FB, my dad responded, “Make me one honey.” ^__^

Stay safe and healthy. Thank you for poppin by. TTYS.

13 thoughts on “Baking, four”

  1. I need a donut pan! It needs to happen. For some reason the heat hasn’t shown up here and neither has the humidity. It’s actually been in the low 70s here which is insane. Normally this time of year the humidity is through the roof and we are looking at temps in the 90s. Not sure how I feel about this.

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