Baking, Cookies

Baking, five

Morning. How’s it goin? Our town may get some light showers today. It was muggy yesterday and today the sun is fighting for some presence.

Delicious baking, you are on FIRE!

from Karen of Pumpkin Sunrise

Thank you, Karen. I kind of always had this baking bucket list in the back of my mind of Pinterest recipes I wanted to try. This whole SIP has enabled me to start making a dent in it.

Are any of you fans of Joanna Gaines and Magnolia Table?

While perusing Pinterest I noticed how her chocolate chip cookies were popular. Looking at the ingredients I saw it only uses brown sugar. I then learned that just using this type of sugar will make the cookie chewy, intriguing me.

About two evenings ago I set out to keep my promise to the husband even though it was in the 90’s. I used a medium cookie scoop, a #40, which gave us a full cookie jar.

These cookies came out a little crispy around the edges and definitely chewy in the middles.

a close up

You can see they’re not puffy like hers. The recipe did say to use a heaping teaspoon of baking soda, something I didn’t do. Also the batter was warm when I was scooping out dough. I think if I make these another time, I’ll do that heaping teaspoon and I will put this dough in the frig for an hour to firm up some. In addition, I do need to check my baking soda.

I asked the crew, which recipe do you like more – the traditional, Nestle Tollhouse cookie or this one?

  • E: I love both.
  • Teenager: This one.
  • Tween: This one hurts my jaw. (She likes the traditional ones more.)

Me? I think I like the traditional one more. How do you like your chocolate chip cookie?

Off to look at apple cake recipes. Since it’s cooler today, only low 70’s, I will probably bake again.

Thanks for droppin by. TTYS.

18 thoughts on “Baking, five”

  1. Ooohhhh, apple cake. That sounds super yummy. I have some apples begging to be used. You are the second person I “know” who has made those cookies. The other person’s cookies were also flat and a bit disappointed in them.

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    1. Thank you for letting me know your friend’s results. I don’t know if it was because my baking soda is old, because the batter was warm, or because I didn’t so that heaping teaspoon.


  2. I have made both cookie recipes and I am a tollhouse lover. Hers were good and fun to try but my fav is still tollhouse :).

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  3. I always prefer the chocolate chip cookies frozen after bakes. I’m like that. I have to find my apple cake recipe for you to compare. You sound so happy with the girls being home!!! you know it is precious time, and it shows in your joy and your care of your family!!!!

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  4. My favorite CCC recipe is a bit chewy, but I like a bit of crunch around the edges. I don’t know where I got the recipe I use, but at the moment, it’s just hand-written on a card. I also like adding nuts, and I like to roll a spoonful into a ball and freeze before baking. When you mentioned the baking soda, it reminds me of when I was a kid and made CCC’s for 4-H judging. They came out of the oven runny, but with all the chocolate chips huddled up in the middle. I racked my young brain trying to figure out what I must have done wrong. I finally realized I left out the baking soda! Since I’d already made a dozen I had to guess how much to add to the dough. I mixed in whatever amount I decided was good and the rest of the cookies came out great. I even earned a blue ribbon on them. So I guess it doesn’t really matter exactly how much baking soda one puts in (within reason). I think I’ll try a little more the next time I make cookies and see if they aren’t a little “fluffier”.


  5. I don’t really eat cookies more of a muffin person, but when I have baked cookies a little time in the fridge or freezer does help. I’d say they look yummy.

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  6. A little crispy on the outside and warm and gooey in the middle. I am a lazy baker.. I usually buy store made dough and just make a couple whenever someone is in the mood.. so we are always eating them right out of the oven.


  7. I’m a chewy chocolate chip cookie fan. I have the first Magnolia cookbook and I thought it was interesting that you mentioned that the recipe was only brown sugar. In the cookbook it’s mostly white sugar!


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