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Good evening. How’re you? Wherever you are in the world, I know you are aware of what’s going on currently here in the US. The state of the country has caused me to feel all kinds of emotions while I ingest it all.

In addition to that, we are slowly starting to go out into town for appointments now. Trying to remember to not touch my face, hair, or mask + sanitize my hands when I get back into the car has been like riding on wobbly, training wheels where I think I need to make more masks (the husband has two & me and the girls have one each) for us now as I’ve been washing the ones we have. This has all been making me feel a bit anxious so I took a somewhat short break from social media. Yesterday I had to take a nap because my body was tired from restless sleep.

Today was about comfort for me to recenter myself. I’ve been playing an 80’s-90’s playlist on Spotify, letting artists like Jody Watley, Paula Abdul, Lisa Lisa & the Cult Jam, and Irene Cara awash me in fond memories, soothing my mental health.

I also started baking again, trying out (I believe) a sixth recipe on my baking bucket list. But before I get into it, I think I had forgotten in the last post to cite what recipe I had used for the blueberry donuts with lemon glaze; it’s by Girl Hearts Food. I really want my own lemon tree now. I asked a neighbor if she had any lemons to spare and she brought by five, beautiful ones last night!

French Apple Cake

This recipe is by Once Upon a Chef. I used a springform pan. My cake didn’t come out as thick as hers. It could be because my baking powder is fizzing out?

Side Note: I use the Block Editor on WP. I like it but I can’t do the text next to the photos anymore because it comes out super big. I could switch back to the old editor, but forget about it.

From its top view, this piece certainly looks pretty though, yeah?

Here in this bottom photo, you can see the middle is a bit thicker than the edges. I suspect this is from how I spread the batter in the pan.

Despite this nit picking on the cake’s appearance, I really like how the edges and how the top and bottom each has a slight crisp to them. I think the cake is light and soft. I would try to make it again but with a 9″ cake pan.

Okay, it’s getting late. Off to get ready for bed to get some reading in. Take care and TTYS.

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  1. Stef , I am glad you are so self aware. Anxiety is wearing on me too. I did think of you and I left on your instagram that I am watching the baking episodes on King Arthur Flour’s website.
    Just got up early.
    Ordered yarns from carol at Chicken Coop dye works!
    Rode 23 miles with Fireman’s group . They have been asking me to join SUNDAY breakfast rides for years. Now with the electric assist bike, i felt Icould do it. It was very nice. Felt better to be on the roads with 10 riders.
    I may bake later.

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  2. Looks totally yummy. Hope you are getting the hand sanitising -mask wearing thing down pat. I heard somewhere that having to remember all those things is tiring. So not surprising you were feeling it. We don’t wear masks here but I guess if the virus came back and they say there is a chance it will, then I’d look at wearing a mask. Take care. Pity you can’t share my lemon tree. Do plant one.

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