Country Cottage Needleworks, Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch, IX

Hello. How’re you today? Me? Much better; I’ve been getting good zzz’s in.

Our Morning

Took the tween to return her books at school. The principal and staff came up with a driving loop that started from the front of the school from a service driveway to slowly around the school’s backside. There were widely-spaced stations manned by school personnel or parents who only had one or two particular books to collect from my daughter; she sat behind me and had to get out once to empty her gym locker. The last station was for purchased yearbooks and for award certificates. The two of us didn’t think she had received any of the latter but lo and behold, there were two waiting for her – one for getting straight A’s and one for getting an A in French!

Country Cottage Needleworks

The last time you saw this piece was five and half weeks ago. I had just started working on the cottage outlines. Now it’s almost 100% done except the places under the decorative V’s that are over each window and the area over the door. I had forgotten to order some gold-colored thread when I had ordered some missing colors for the teenager’s project. The large tree is almost done as well as there are some single thread stitches that need to be stitched on.

I enjoyed using that minty aqua for the cottage. This color is what had caught my eye when I had chosen patterns at the Alameda store back in last October.

While I’m tired of working with the white, I still have a lot more of it to use for the details underneath the cottage, LOL. I haven’t worked on this design for a while but will get back to it this week.

Have any of you checked out the cross stitch patterns at Several knitters whom I follow on IG also cross stitch and have highly recommended it. Since Joann is not open yet I ordered from the mentioned site which had good service. Thank you for your recent visits. I’m off to make tea again. TTYS.

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  1. Congrats to the teen. That is phenomenal. Your x stitch is so cute. I agree the mint house is the real eye catcher on it. Thank you for the 123 website. So many pretties on there.


  2. Good to see you are getting better Zzz’s. Cross stitch has really made a comeback, I’d be tempted but I have too much fabric for quilting and I just spent huge money on a quilting sewing machine. Helping the economy! It hasn’t arrived yet. Hope I can manage it!!

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  3. Hi Stef!!!

    I love your stitch work! I think that Kim follows you. Kim , Tink and Calypso’s Kim. She does some nice stitching a well. I think that Betsy, well I know that Betsy Queen stitches. and others as well. Your Scene evokes a quietness and an anticipation of Christmas to me. I am so thrilled you were able to help those kittens this week, Stef. I know they got prompt attention at your vet office.
    Miss Pie was very near death when a family brought her into our vet. I don’t quite know how she survived, but she sure did. You get my kitty award for the week. GOOD JOB .

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