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Made For 23

The Morning

Good afternoon. How is your Thursday going? Mine started off with a sinus headache but it was secondary to venturing out to Target and Safeway for the first time after all these weeks home. It wasn’t bad at all. I respectfully kept my 6 ft distance and followed arrows if necessary. I liked how Target wiped down carts all the time as well as self-checkout machines. I was happy to be able to buy more TP too. Since I had to go to two stores, I picked up a pack from each.

A Significant Date

Today my tween is finishing the last of her tweens. My Boo Boo is 13 years old! I kind of consider 13 the start of the teenage years, but when I Googled it, ages 10-13 is considered the tween range. What do you think? She woke up happy this morning. When I got back from the stores, I took her and her sister out to Starbucks so they could pick out coffee drinks. This is one of the things the soon-to-be, eighth grader wanted for her birthday. Doh! Which reminds me…I need to wrap her two gifts.

Sock WIP

Must Stash Yarn in Chewie

I am ready to separate these socks so I can work on each heel individually. You can see in this pic how wide the openings are; these are the gussets.

I am so ready to finish the husband’s WIP. I am already thinking of my next sock project. Wanna hear about it? I want to go rogue and probably use DPN’s to cast on one sock in one colorway and another in another colorway.

I’m also thinkin of tryin to knit English style since my tendonitis is in my left wrist and elbow. I intially switched to Portuguese knitting to have more ergonomic comfort in my left side since lots of Continental knitting can irritate it. However, now it doesn’t matter. I will have to practice with some scrap yarn first.

Okay, off to wrap the boxes. Hope you’re having a good day. Thanks for your recent visits and thank you for poppin by. TTYS.

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  1. My thoughts are…13 is when you become a teenager. We always celebrated it as such too. Sounds like she is having a great day too.

    Your Chewie socks are almost there. Casting on different colored socks? Will those two socks equal 1 pair or half of 2 pairs? My daughter in law only wears miss matched socks. Hence the reason for my question. I live Portuguese knitting unless I am doing socks. Those I prefer on DPNs and I throw my yarn. I also work both socks consecutively. (10 rows on each sock at a time.) Hopefully the DPNs help with the left arm pain.

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    1. Halves of two pairs. My shawl I could switch to throwing since gauge doesn’t really matter but his socks and my nephew’s cardigan I need to keep gauge.


  2. Cool cool socks. I’ve caught the sock bug again. It has been over a year I think.

    I hope that baby girl was an easy delivery. I know it is about them, but I sill recall all the details of my labor and delivery of both kids. Usually I just talk to my husband about it, and give the kids their day and glory. But even after 30 years I think about those incredible days in our lives.

    Switching off knit techniques is a brilliant idea. I like to throw my yarn. There are times , however, when I wrap but i seem to drop more stitches that way .



  3. Going out during the week hasn’t been that bad, I think it’s the weekends that are crazy. I saw the picture of your Starbucks run on IG, and will admit, I do miss my occasional hot chocolate.


    1. I feel Starbucks was organized in terms of social distancing. They had these circles on the floor for ppl to stand on in line to order and in line to receive.


  4. I can’t get over the TP situation in the USA – we panicked here for a week because the USA was, but then we realised we had heaps!! So funny. Nice to venture out to the shops again. Yes I reckon 13 is the start to the teen years. 10 -13 could be regarded as those years between 10 to 13 and then when you reach 13 – Boom! After all you are in your 14th year! Great socks.


    1. Now it’s more of the house cleaners that are somewhat hard to find. I’m glad there is TP now. We had bought office grade and it was slightly rough and small, LOL.

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