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Baking, seven

Good evening. How’re you today? Me? I slept in til 10 am and tried out the No Contact Pick Up at the library. Does your library do this? My slot was 3-3:30 pm; there was a table that blocked the entrance to the library where handled, paper bags were placed. I grabbed the one that had my slip on it. The books I got were Pride, Prejudice, and Other Flavors by Sonali Dev + Unmarriageable by Soniah Kamal. I look forward to reading them. I also have The Henna Artist by Alka Joshi on my Kindle.

So I made another apple pie using the same recipe from Natasha’s Kitchen. This time I used her linked pie crust.

Quellance Stainless Steel Rolling Pin with Thickness Rings and Pastry Mat

After the last pie I had made, I decided to treat myself to a real rolling pin. Luckily this was a set so not only did I get a pastry mat, these thickness rings are included. What a great buy! I used the 1/8″ rings to roll out each crust; they took out all the guesswork of wondering if I had rolled it out thin enough. The mat is flexible and clung to my old, tiled kitchen countertop. With those imprinted circles, I was able to see right away if my crust was the correct diameter.

Here’s a pic of the night-before-prepped pie:

On Pinterest I created a section for top crust ideas. There were examples of cut out hearts or whole-covering crusts had cut outs in them. I wanted to do cut out shapes and hunted around in my cabinet. Jackpot when I found a tin of Crate and Barrel, star cookie cutters (10 different sizes) that my mom had passed down to me some time ago. I used the first, four sizes starting from the smallest.

The next morning I egg-washed the top and baked off the apple pie:

I was a little worried that because there were gaps in-between stars, the filling would bubble through and over. Thankfully nope, that didn’t happen!

And man, Natasha’s crust recipe is terrific. When I cut through the pie, you could hear the crunch of the knife through the stars. The bottom crust was the perfect thickness, had a nice crunch as well. And yes, it was flaky.

I still need to practice making crusts, but what a way better outcome this time around. I made sure to cut my butter into cubes and I really worked the pieces into the flour mixture with my pastry cutter. When I added the 6 tbsp of ice water and started using the pastry cutter again, I could tell the dough was coming together well.

My bottom crust was a little short heightwise in the pie dish. I had eyeballed cutting it in half so one disc may have been slightly bigger than the other. I plan to weigh each disc next time to try to remedy that.

Okay, off to read for a bit before I craft on the couch. Enjoy the rest of your day. TTYS.

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  1. Oh , I don’t make pie crust. I think it is a high art form in the baking world. So many pies have soggy bottom crusts. Yours sounds perfect. I just dipped plain old animal crackers in plain old melted semi sweet chocolate pieces. Yum. But they were not pretty. I am a mess baker. I’ll post it. I just had to laugh because I just finished my mess and saw your masterpiece. Oh and the saving of the kittens this week…
    it made me so happy. Thank you

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  2. I still have issues making pie crusts. I will keep trying though. Your pie looks very yummy.

    BTW…..I just purchased a doughnut baking pan and am going to try your lemon blueberry doughnuts you made. Where do you find your recipes? I want to try some “healthy” ones too. My next purchase will be a snack bar pan. I enjoy baking now. I never used to like baking as my mom did all that. Now that she has passed, I find I am craving baked goods.

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  3. Yummy, successful pie making indeed. I’ve just finished listening to the Sonali Dev book and I have Unmarriageable on my iPod to read at some point.


  4. delicious pie! Love the star top especially. I did curbside pick up of our county library and I LOVED it for now. I am also using online libraries synced to my kindle, that is super wonderful.


    1. Yes, I’m mostly a Kindle reader but wanted to read these titles so I requested them. It’s nice that the libraries are doing this service. Especially good for kids as they need to touch books.


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