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32 Knit for Me

Good morning. And it’s another Monday. How’re you today? How was your weekend?

How did Saturday and Sunday go by so fast? I spent time cross stitching while finishing up Night on Earth and I’ve now started Zumbo’s Just Desserts. I would like to watch a K-drama but trying to read subtitles and paying attention to the chart isn’t going to work for me. Therefore, shows like these allow me to relax and happily multitask ^__^. Plus I really miss The Great British Baking Show. You know I like baking desserts. Do you have a favorite, cooking &/or baking competition you like to watch?


So you see here my Groovy is growing! I’ve been trying to knit a few rows every day so I can get closer to finishing it. Yes, I’m already dreaming about my next shawl cast on, LOL. I’m thankfully making a good dent in the second ball of yarn. There’s one more skein to use.

For each row, there’s an increase of one stitch so it just gets wider. Like I’ve said before, this pattern is perfect for TV knitting or even knit group knitting.

Speaking of group knitting, have you been joining in on any Zoom knitting meetings? My neighbors and I haven’t had Craft Night since March obviously but now one has a free Zoom account and wants to try it this Friday. I think it’ll be fun. Hopefully many of us can join in.

Okie doke, that’s all folks. Have a good day and TTYS.

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  1. This weekend did go by extremely fast!

    If you haven’t seen Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat on Netflix, it is soooooooo good! We also enjoy watching Chef’s Table, Nadiya’s Time to Eat, The Great British Baking Show (we’re watching them again!), Flavorful Origins, plus The Chef’s Line. All of those are on Netflix. Top Chef and Chopped are favorites on cable tv.

    I have been able to attend the knitting group that I used to go to in San Jose, now via Zoom, and it’s so much easier than driving 50 minutes to get there! Just an FYI, if you have more than two people on a free Zoom call, you will be limited to 40 minutes and it cuts off quite abruptly.

    I hope all is well with you and the Ohana!


  2. HI !!! I have become a fan of the shows King Arthur Flour has on their site. You did it to me! I pulled out my sock, cause I didn’t like the look of the ? leaves. I started a shawl after seeing yours!! THANKS STEF. Feels better already.

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  3. Our YOP group did a couple of zoom meetings. It was great. Since none of us had met in person, getting to know each other was a blast!

    I have been perusing pinterest for doughnut recipes that are “healthy”. Thanks for the info.

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  4. The Great British Bake Off is my absolute favorite! If you have Disney+ I’ve been enjoying Be Our Chef. It’s family vs family which isn’t always a favorite but I’m loving the Disney themes and seeing what they make.


  5. pretty knitting! I have a zoom with my real knitting friends on Sunday which is fun. I have a zoom meeting with my knitting friends from Ravelry which is also fun. I haven’t been with anyone except my husband and my son and his fiancee.


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