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ii Crochet

Good evening. I can’t believe how fast this day passed by. I know scrubbing down the shower stall and wiping down the bathroom took up time before my shower. Add in folding a basket of clean laundry. And oh yeah, the ginormous spuds took longer than usual and I had to resteam the veggies since they were still ice cold. How was your day?

It’s been days since I last blogged. I haven’t really had much to show here but I’ve been working on projects in the evenings.

This is the only photo that came out to my satisfaction.

I realized last night I haven’t shown this WIP again. There now are 11 rows done. Twice over time, I had two, mini sessions ripping back – wrong, color order & wrong row instructions hooked. I like how it’s coming out; the colors are cheery.

I need to wind up the new skeins because when the yarn is in the ballish-skein form, the working yarn gets tangled up when the skein gets loosey goosey. Also, I actually don’t know if I have enough yarn. Crochet eats it up faster and I guess the width I chose affects the yardage as well.

On a slight tangent, have you seen the IG posts critiquing the new, visual layout of Ravelry? I learned the new format has triggered symptoms like migraines and dizziness in some crafters. I found it interesting because this is something I never thought of; it was educational. I think Ravelry has listened to these postings because there is now an option to go back to the original format.

Off to make more masks. I’ve been busy cutting and ironing fabric after receiving a new supply of elastic from Etsy. My crew and I have found the masks that hook behind your ears don’t fit us at all and are not at all comfortable so, we’re sticking with the other style.

Thank you for droppin by. TTYS.

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  1. Your projects are always so pretty!!

    We have so many different mask types now too, trying to find the right ones. Billy likes the the ones that loop over his ears but fit like a long bandanna. I think they are similar to what people wear when riding motorcycles.


  2. Your crochet project us very cheery. It will brighten any room it is in.

    The new Ravelry format threw me off at first but I have gotten used to it now. But then I only use it for my few groups I am in. I do not keep track of stash, projects, patterns or any other personal stuff on there. It all got removed about 2 years ago when they decided who and what each of us were according to our political party. That to me was the biggest form of bigotry I have ever seen.


  3. WordPress just ate my comment. But You are worth it. I;ll comment twice.
    I’ve seen a gorgeous shawl (hitchhiker) in the very same colors.. I call them goldfish pond colors. I love them.
    We are waiting on big storms. Our weather forecasters are just not what they were in Chicago. So I go back to a famous Meteorologist , Tom Skilling, for my weather. His brother, sadly , went to jail for the Enron Scandal. It was so embarrassing for Tom and his parents. If you met Tom he’d remind you of mr Neighbors. But the skies are dark out there.


  4. Morning from Wisconsin Stef.. I love all your posts. Pretty colors . Ive seen a few shawls in those colors and a sock, I believe. I call them goldfish colors. Do you see it? How are the kittens?


  5. Love the colors you’re using in that blanket, Stef. I find the new Rav format hard on my eyes and am thankful they’ve brought back the option for keeping the “classic” ravelry. It’s weird. It doesn’t appear to be that much different when I try to figure out what the difference is, but the uncomfortableness on my eyes is undeniable. Honestly, I don’t go there much anymore anyway, but I would have definitely avoided it if I had to look at the new pages from here on out.


  6. It is amazing that everyone is making masks in the USA, everywhere I look. Hope you are keeping well. Ah scrubbing down the shower – its on my list!! Ha I have no clue what Ravelry is!!


    1. Ravelry is a free website for knitters, crocheters, weavers, spinners all around the world where you can have an online notebook to keep track of project deets, your yarn stash, and needles. There are also groups you can join.


  7. I’m one of the people for which the NuRav caused problems. I mostly dealt with a mild headache and for me, the switch back has helped. I do know several others that wound up with vertigo, migraines, and even a few that had seizures. For some, the switch back to the Classic Rav didn’t help because it was just a skin, rather than the old code (some of the new code was part of it and was still causing issues).

    And now, Rav is in trouble. The survey they have on the opening page violates EU Privacy Laws as it directly asks about disabilities and is connected to your username (there’s no way to truly have an anonymous answer when it’s connected to usernames, which violates the privacy laws). It’s kind of getting messy over there. I know a lot of people are trying to figure out how to get all their patterns saved somewhere (like a separate hard drive) in case it goes belly up.

    Like I said, it’s messy.

    Hope you’re surviving the quarantine across the Bay!


    1. Thank you. I know there are these extenders that will help w/ear fatigue. They can be sewn or crocheted. My parents like the ones that go behind their ears.


  8. Thanks I had no idea about Ravelry and format issues, I will have to take a look. Your crochet looks beautiful ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ˜Š


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